The Wonders Center & Science Museum at Dickson Renaissance Center

The Renaissance Center in Dickson will be transformed into the world’s largest Christian-based science museum by year end, according to David Rives Ministries, a nonprofit currently located in Lewisburg.

The Wonders Center & Science Museum will be the new name for the over 20-year-old, distinctive facility in Dickson. In addition to the museum, the facility will be the television studio for the Genesis Science Network, which is operated by David Rives Ministries.

“One thing you won’t find in our displays and exhibits is evolutionary theory,” Rives said in a press release. “Our youth today have been told that they are ‘starstuff’ or accidents of the cosmos. Many students believe that they are products of chance. ”

“Our purpose is to highlight amazing design in anatomy, astronomy, physics, mathematics, biology, and more,” Rives added. “By studying these things closely, visitors will see how this design reveals God’s fingerprints throughout the universe.”

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