Midsummer up Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh: ‘The world is as it ever was, but everything has changed’ | Summer holidays

Midsummer on the summit of Arthur’s Seat is just like any other time of year: windy and busy. Come noon on Saturday, all the world is here, it seems, with the strongest representation from the US and Germany, according to my detailed inventory. (OK, eavesdropping.) Groups of young people in inappropriate footwear hold phones aloft, … Read more

Advancements in Climate Rights in Courts Around the World

Advances in Climate Rights in Courts Around the World by Maria Antonia Tigre |July 6, 2022 The Supreme Federal Court Building in Brasília, the capital of Brazil. Photo: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo While the United States Supreme Court recently delivered a major setback to the EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in West Virginia. v. … Read more

Open Science in the real world today: takeaways from the EGU22 Great Debate

On Wednesday 25 May, as part of the 2022 General Assembly of the European Geoscience Union, we held a “Great Debate on Open Science” that was attended by over 100 EGU participants both on-site in Vienna and online. The debate was organized by Francesca Pianosi and Jamie Farquharson with support from Remko Nijzink, Riccardo Rigon … Read more

‘The Orville’ Season 3 episode 4 takes world building to a new level

Warning: Spoilers ahead for “The Orville” season 3, episode 4 Following last week’s shock revelation that the episode “Mortality Paradox” was worthy of a perfect 10 out of 10, we were obviously extremely excited to see this week’s offering. We mentioned last week how, when “The Orville” plays to its strengths, it excels. It’s all … Read more

Summer Research Grants Open Up a World of Possibilities for Students

Each summer, students at the College of Charleston gain hands-on experience through Summer Undergraduate Research with Faculty (SURF) grants, which pair students with faculty mentors to pursue impactful research projects. This year, a committee of faculty members representing each of the College’s eight schools reviewed 58 applications. A total of 23 projects were each awarded … Read more

Science Enters the Mysterious Inner World of Consciousness

Does everything in the universe have some sort of consciousness? Some philosophers and scientists say that it does. Explaining how something as complex as consciousness can emerge from a gray, jelly-like lump of tissue in the head is arguably the greatest scientific challenge of our time. The brain is an extraordinarily complex organ, consisting of … Read more

Robots With Flawed AI Make Sexist And Racist Decisions, Experiment Shows

For years, computer scientists have warned of the perils artificial intelligence (AI) poses in the future, and not just in the sensational terms of machines overthrowing humanity, but in far more insidious ways too. While this cutting-edge technology is capable of wondrous breakthroughs, researchers have also observed the darker sides of machine learning systems, showing … Read more

Research Suggests There’s a Big Overlooked Benefit of Having Dyslexia

The modern world is stitched together by threads of written language. For those with the reading disorder dyslexia, the endless tangle of words can feel like an obstacle to survival. Long framed purely as a learning disorder, the neurological condition that makes the decoding of text so difficult could also benefit individuals and their community … Read more

Around the world in 80 canvasses: Artist Liz Roth’s Mainsite show features vivid landscapes | News

We all see our part of the globe differently. Nashville’s skyline is not the same as the one we can gaze at from Ten Mile Flats. The Grand Canyon’s majesty may be rivaled by other vistas on the opposite side of the world. From Oregon to Florida, each state in the USA has landscape views … Read more

the science the world ignored

A woman and her child await treatment for monkeypox at a facility run by Doctors Without Borders in the Central African Republic in 2018.Credit: Charles Bouessel / AFP / Getty After monkeypox cases exploded last month in countries such as Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom – where outbreaks do not usually occur – a … Read more