Women with disabilities ‘underestimated’ as battle for equality in science careers heats up

Zia Westerman was interested in studying geoscience, but a lack of flexibility around field trips caused her to do an arts degree instead. Key points: People with disabilities make up just six percent of university enrollments There has been a lack of inclusion in science-related professions But a group of women are setting an example … Read more

Geology and Mine Planning Software Market Size, Share And Forecast to 2028 |Dassault Systemes, Commit Works, Maptek, SRK, Bentley – Designer Women

Request Download Sample Buy Full Report New Jersey, USA,– The Global Geology and Mine Planning Software Market Report offers important information about the state of the sector. This research offers in-depth details on the industry’s foundation, productivity, strengths, manufacturers, and current trends that support corporate expansion and economic success. The study makes an effort to … Read more

Exclusive Statistical Report on Geological Remote Sensing Consultancy Market Analysis and Forecast to 2026 – Designer Women

“Geological Remote Sensing Consultancy Market 2022-2026: The Geological Remote Sensing Consultancy market exhibits comprehensive information that is a valuable source of insightful data for business strategists during the decade 2016-2026. On the basis of historical data, Geological Remote Sensing Consultancy market report provides key segments and their sub-segments, revenue and demand & supply data. Considering … Read more

Forgotten women of Paleontology: Ava C. Ellisor

Alva C. Ellisor at her laboratory in 1946 At the beginning of 20th century, many universities started admitting women, with different motivations, including the lack of men following WWI and the Soviet Revolution. The oil and gas industry, long stereotyped as a male profession, also openned to women. In 1919, ET Dumble, vice-president and general … Read more

New Research Finds Women in Science are Credited Less Than Men

Women who are part of research teams publishing scientific works in labs across the US are less likely to be credited for their contributions than their male counterparts, according to new research out of Northeastern University. Controlling for, among other things, role, research experience and time spent on a project, researchers found that women are … Read more


DR. ALISON MCAFEE WAS CELEBRATED BY THE FONDATION L’ORIAL AND UNESCO DURING THE FIRST CEREMONY SINCE THE PANDEMIC CELEBRATING 45 EMINENT WOMEN IN SCIENCE MONTREAL, June 24, 2022 / CNW / – By organizing the first For Women in Science Ceremony since Covid-19, the Fondation L’Oréal and UNESCO celebrated the 30 recipients of its International … Read more

Large Study Finds That Miscarriages or Stillbirths Can Increase The Risk of Stroke

New research shows women who have had a miscarriage or stillbirth, have an increased risk of stroke – when blood can not get to the brain, because of a blocked or burst artery. That risk increases with each miscarriage or stillbirth. Trying to establish this link is difficult because it requires following a large number … Read more

A Large-Scale Experiment Used Human Pee to Fertilize Crops. Here’s What Happened

These days, peeing on your food plants may be considered a gross and wacky gardening hack, despite the practice having been proven beneficial for thousands of years. But our modern squeamishness has meant gardeners and farmers alike must resort to expensive fertilizers to provide their crops with the much-needed nutrients found free in our pee. … Read more

Women scientists don’t get authorship they should, new study suggests | Science

Science is increasingly conducted by teams. But within those teams, credit isn’t always allocated equitably: Women are less likely to be authors than men in their research group at the same career stage, even accounting for the hours each individual worked on the project, according to a study published today in Nature. “The consequences of … Read more