Iceland: Alarm sounded over ‘beautiful but deadly’ black sand beach and sneaker waves

Iceland’s most famous black sand beach is a lure for international visitors, but a combination of geology and the raw power of the ocean make it a deadly attraction. The black sands and roaring waves of Reynisfjara beach are among the main attractions along the scenic south coast of Iceland. It’s known for its haunting … Read more

Flashes from neutron star tidal waves may signal impending mergers

Researchers have found a new way to detect some of the most cataclysmic mergers in the universe before they happen. Neutron stars, the extremely dense cores of massive dead stars, spiraling towards each other or into a black hole can raise tidal waves in the oceans of heavy charged particles surrounding the neutron stars. Those … Read more

Searching for Cosmic X-Ray Signposts of Elusive Continuous Gravitational Waves

Artist’s impression of one potential source of continuous gravitational waves – Asymmetric accretion onto a spinning neutron star. Credit: Mark Myers, Ozgrav-Swinburne University In the last few years, astronomers have achieved an incredible milestone: the detection of gravitational waves, vanishingly weak ripples in the fabric of space and time emanating from some of the most … Read more

How Can We Make Heat Waves Less Deadly?

How Can We Make Heat Waves Less Deadly? Maximum temperatures across the United States for June 14, 2022. White and gray indicate temperatures in the triple digits. Image: Pivotal Weather, based on data from the National Weather Service. For journalists: A list of heat wave experts at Columbia Climate School. This summer is coming in … Read more

Japan Is Dropping a Gargantuan Turbine Into The Ocean to Harness ‘Limitless’ Energy

Deep beneath the waves there’s a source of power quite unlike any other. To tap into it, Japanese engineers have constructed a true leviathan, a beast capable of withstanding the strongest of ocean currents to transform its flow into a virtually limitedless supply of electricity. Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries – now known simply as IHI Corporation … Read more

A newfound, slow pulsar shouldn’t emit radio waves — yet it does

Astronomers have added a new species to the neutron star zoo, showcasing the wide diversity among the compact magnetic remains of dead, once-massive stars. The newfound highly magnetic pulsar has a surprisingly long rotation period, which is challenging the theoretical understanding of these objects, researchers report May 30 in Nature Astronomy. Dubbed PSR J0901-4046, this … Read more

Astronomers Discover Mysterious Repeating Bursts of Radio Waves From Outer Space

Artist’s conception of a neutron star with an ultra-strong magnetic field, called a magnetar, emitting radio waves (red). Magnetars are a leading candidate for what generates Fast Radio Bursts. Credit: Bill Saxton, NRAO / AUI / NSF In radio astronomy, a fast radio burst (FRB) is a transient radio pulse of length ranging from a … Read more

New Laser Breakthrough for Gravitational Waves Will Test the Fundamental Limits of General Relativity

Artist’s concept of gravitational waves propagating through space. New laser breakthrough to help increase understanding of[{” attribute=””>gravitational waves. Scientists have created a proof-of-concept setup of a new laser eigenmode sensor that offers over 1,000 times the sensitivity. After translating this work to gravitational wave detectors, they will offer the unprecedented precision needed to test the … Read more

MIT Engineers Use Artificial Intelligence To Capture the Complexity of Breaking Waves

Using machine learning along with data from wave tank experiments, MIT engineers have found a way to model how waves break. “With this, you could simulate waves to help design structures better, more efficiently, and without huge safety factors,” says Themis Sapsis. Credit: iStockphoto The new model’s predictions should help researchers improve ocean climate simulations … Read more

Giant Magnetic Waves Have Been Discovered Oscillating Around Earth’s Core

Earth’s interior is a far from quiet place. Deep below our surface activities, the planet rumbles with activity, from plate tectonics to convection currents that circulate through the hot magmatic fluids far underneath the crust. Now scientists studying satellite data of Earth have identified something inside Earth we’ve never seen before: a new type of … Read more