Silver coin featuring famous Viking king unearthed in Hungary

A metal detectorist has discovered a small silver coin marked with the name of a famous Viking king. However, it was unearthed not in Scandinavia, but in southern Hungary, where it was lost almost 1,000 years ago. The find has baffled archaeologists, who have struggled to explain how the coin might have ended up there … Read more

Why Did Vikings Mysteriously Leave Greenland? We May Finally Know The Reason

For the better part of four centuries, Greenland’s southern coast defined the westernmost edge of Viking occupation. Seduced by visions of verdant hills and fertile ground, in the late 10th century waves of Norse migrants set sail in hopes of an easier life abroad. At its peak, the colony’s population numbered in the thousands, spread … Read more

Ancient Solar Flare Establishes New Dates for Viking Trade

Professor Søren M. Sindbæk has directed the Northern Emporium project in the emporium Ribe, Denmark. The archaeological stratigraphy of the sites has secured an improved understanding of global trade flows in the Viking Age. Credit: The Museum of Southwest Jutland Solar flare throws light on ancient trade between the Islamic Middle East and the Viking … Read more