Tinnitus Seems to Be Somehow Linked to a Crucial Bodily Function, Studies Hint

Around 15 percent of the world population suffers from tinnitus, a condition which causes someone to hear a sound (such as ringing or buzzing) without any external source. It’s often associated with hearing loss. Not only can the condition be annoying for sufferers, it can also have a serious effect on mental health, often causing … Read more

Elon University / Today at Elon / #ElonGrad 2022 spotlight: Grace Holmes, exercise science

In this series, Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences is shining the spotlight on distinguished members of the Class of 2022 from a wide array of disciplines. Elon College Fellow Grace Holmes ’22 is the recipient of the Department of Exercise Science’s 2022 Outstanding Senior Research Award for her examination of college students’ … Read more

University raises $10 million for new science building

SAN FRANCISCO – May 17, 2022 – San Francisco State University has received commitments totaling more than $ 10 million from the Genentech Foundation and other partners in support of the new Science & Engineering Innovation Center (SEIC). The gifts mark the public launch of San Francisco State’s Catalyze the Future campaign to raise $ … Read more

The Interview: Alison Sloat | University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“Do you sleep?” It’s rhetorical but appropriate question asked of Alison Sloat at a recent College of Sciences Advisory Board meeting. She had just finished her presentation on the various community outreach programs in the college. Sloat spearheaded or volunteers in most of the programs in the presentation. Her work runs the gamut from creating … Read more

National Science Foundation grant will help researcher develop better models to predict spread of an epidemic : University of Dayton, Ohio

An epidemic spreads differently through the rural Midwest than through a big city. So University of Dayton researcher Subramanian Ramakrishnan will use $ 231,185 of a $ 650,000 National Science Foundation grant to develop better models to predict the spread locally and regionally rather than a one-size-fits-all national approach. “It might be too ambitious to … Read more

Genes of a Lost South American People Point to an Unexpected History

In spite of its location midway down the eastern seaboard of the continent of South America, Uruguay’s brief history is a blur of European conflict, shaped by the colonial interests of Spanish, British, and Portuguese powers. What is starkly missing are voices from prehistory, of indigenous cultures that called the land’s rolling hills and temperate … Read more

How to make self-affirmation work, based on science |

Affirmations might be ineffective if they do not align with what you believe about yourself, said Natalie Dattilo, a clinical psychologist with Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. For fans of “Saturday Night Live,” the word affirmation probably triggers memories of a popular character in the 1990s: Stuart Smalley. With his carefully coifed blonde hair … Read more

Eight Auburn University students, graduates receive National Science Foundation fellowships

Article body Eight current or former Auburn University students have won this year the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, a program designed to help ensure the vitality and diversity of the scientific and engineering workforce in the United States. Each fellowship consists of three years of support accessible over a five-year period. For each … Read more

Scientists Have Revived a Glimmer of Activity in Human Eyes After Death

Scientists have momentarily restored a faint twinkle of life to dying cells in the human eye. In order to better understand the way nerve cells succumb to a lack of oxygen, a team of US researchers measured activity in mouse and human retinal cells soon after their death. Amazingly, with a few tweaks to the … Read more