Underwater pharmacy: Meet the scientists raiding the ocean’s medicine cabinet

Mud and sponges probably do not feature highly on most scuba divers’ bucket lists. But scientist and explorer Professor Brian Murphy, based at the University of Illinois at Chicago, has his sights set on the sediments lurking at the bottom of the lakes and the gooey animals clinging to submerged shipwrecks. And for good reason. … Read more

Coral Reefs Generate a Hidden Sound Underwater, And It Could Help Us to Save Them

We tend to associate healthy coral reefs with their visual splendor: the vibrant array of colors and shapes that populate these beautiful underwater ecosystems. But they can also be rather noisy places. If you’ve ever been snorkeling in a coral reef environment, you’ll know the distinctive clicking and popping sounds made by various marine creatures … Read more

From the archives: Jacques Cousteau films underwater

To mark our 150th year, we’re revisiting the Popular Science stories (both hits and misses) that helped define scientific progress, understanding, and innovation — with an added hint of modern context. Explore the Notable pages and check out all our anniversary coverage here. When Jacques Cousteau penned a story for Popular Science in February 1969, … Read more

Hawaiian Drama Over ‘Yellow Brick Road’ Geology and Atlantis!

Deep sea scientists have released a video showing a ‘bizarre’ geological formation that they have already named the Yellow Brick Road. However, the section of seabed making the headlines is nowhere near as strange as the ‘Devil´s piles’ the researchers skipped over. An oceanic expedition examining a deep sea ridge to the north of the … Read more

Underwater volcano triggers 85,000 earthquakes near Antarctica

A long-dormant underwater volcano near Antarctica has woken up, triggering a swarm of 85,000 earthquakes. The swarm, which began in August 2020 and subsided by November of that year, is the strongest earthquake activity ever recorded in the region. And the quakes were likely caused by a “finger” of hot magma poking into the crust, … Read more

Using Ultrasonic Waves To Charge Underwater and Body-Implanted Electronic Devices

Schematic illustration of wirelessly charging a body-implanted electronic device using an ultrasonic probe. Credit: Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) New technology improves the efficiency of wireless energy transfer of ultrasonic waves by triboelectric power generation. Ultrasonic waves have applications in wireless charging of batteries underwater or in body-implanted electronic devices. The number of … Read more

This giant carnivorous dinosaur could hunt underwater

Illustration of the Spinosaurus. Credit: David Bonadonna Spinosaurus is the largest carnivorous dinosaur ever discovered on Earth. It’s even larger than T. rex. A new study from University of Oxford and others found that they could hunt underwater. Scientists used X-ray imaging of fossilized bones to analyze bone density. By comparing the bone structure of … Read more

Dense Bones Allowed Spinosaurus – The Biggest Carnivorous Dinosaur Ever Discovered – To Hunt Underwater

Spinosaurus, the longest predatory dinosaur known, is opening its elongate jaws, studded with conical teeth, to catch a sawskate. Contrary to previous suggestions, this animal was not a heron-like wader – it was a “river monster,” actively pursuing prey in a vast river system located in modern-day North Africa. Dense bones in the skeleton of … Read more

Computer simulation brings us closer to schools of fishlike underwater research drones – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Skoltech researchers and their colleagues from ESPCI Paris, Chiba University, and Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology have used a 3D simulation to show that small fish swimming in a school can sense the position and tail beat of their neighbors as water pressure variation on the side of their bodies. This mechanism is … Read more