Women with disabilities ‘underestimated’ as battle for equality in science careers heats up

Zia Westerman was interested in studying geoscience, but a lack of flexibility around field trips caused her to do an arts degree instead. Key points: People with disabilities make up just six percent of university enrollments There has been a lack of inclusion in science-related professions But a group of women are setting an example … Read more

Forest canopy covers ‘obviously’ underestimated by current assessments, researchers find – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Satellite mapping, bolstered by algorithmic assessment, provides an indispensable view of Earth’s canopy covering. The fraction of ground covered by tree crowns serves as a critical parameter for measuring forest ecosystems and potential carbon sinks. The maps are typically assessed by visually reviewing the satellite images or by cross-examining overlapping views but are rarely confirmed … Read more

Injuries to Zambian lions and leopards caused by shotguns and wires snares greatly underestimated – BIOENGINEER.ORG

The incidence of lion and leopard injuries caused by humans in Zambia is much higher than previously thought. Using a simple forensic examination technique, researchers found that injuries from entanglement in wire snares are present in 37% of lions and 22% of leopards in Zambia, while 27% of lions had shotgun pellets embedded in their … Read more