Feeling Grumpy Can Actually Be a Good Thing, Researcher Says

As psychiatry, which uses medical and biological methods to treat mental disorders, has largely overtaken psychotherapy, which relies on non-biological approaches such as conversation and counseling, psychotherapists have sought alternative challenges. One common approach is to focus on enhancing the happiness of mentally healthy people, rather than relieving the mental pain and trauma of those … Read more

The Collapse of an Atlantic Ocean Current Would Ripple Across The World, Says Study

Climate change is slowing down the conveyor belt of ocean currents that brings warm water from the tropics up to the North Atlantic. Our research, published today (June 6) in Nature Climate Changelooks at the profound consequences to global climate if this Atlantic conveyor collapses entirely. We found the collapse of this system – called … Read more

The Length of a Day Oscillates Every 6 Years, And We May Finally Know Why

How we think about our planet’s center may need to be seriously updated. New evidence suggests that, instead of consistently rotating faster than Earth’s spin, the solid inner core oscillates – spinning first in one direction with respect to the surface far above, then the other, changing direction every six years. This not only has … Read more

Earth’s Magnetic Poles Probably Won’t Flip After All, Scientists Predict

Our planet’s protective shell is not quite what it used to be. Over the past two centuries its magnetic strength has taken a nosedive, and nobody has the foggiest idea why. At the same time, a concerning soft-spot in the field called the South Atlantic Anomaly has blistered over the Atlantic ocean, and has already … Read more

Does Being Cold Make You Need to Pee More? Here’s The Science

You’re taking a stroll through the park on a cold winter’s morning, when it hits you – the need to find a bathroom, and quick! This did not use to happen in summer. Is there something about winter that makes us need to pee more? We study the bladder and lower urinary tract. Here are … Read more

Scientists Just Got Closer to Understanding Why Yawns Are So Darn Contagious

Far and wide around the world, a whole bunch of animals are yawning right now. Maybe they’re ready to sleep; maybe it’s because they’re hot and bored. But if one thing is certain, the very thought of yawning makes us want to open our mouths and take a deep breath for some reason. (I’ve already … Read more

Here’s Why Hibernation in Space May Not Be Possible For Humans After All

Sending humans virtually anywhere in space beyond the Moon pushes logistics of health, food, and psychology to limits we’re just just beginning to grasp. A staple solution to these problems in science fiction is to simply put the void-travelers to bed for a while. In a sleep-like state akin to hibernation or torpor, metabolism drops, … Read more

There Are Two Types of Narcissist, And The Difference Is Crucial, Research Shows

In a time when flaunting your best self on social media has become a norm, narcissistic traits seem to be everywhere. In today’s slang, off-putting behaviors like entitlement, superiority, and self-congratulating are known as ‘flexing’. Such traits might be more common these days, but being narcissistic is still seen as a pathological personality trait, akin … Read more

Ants Can Literally Build Bridges Without Training, And You Can Watch Them in Action

Despite only having around 250,000 neurons compared to our 86 billion, ants can still achieve impressive feats when they team up. For starters, they’re experts at avoiding traffic jams – a skill we humans could certainly benefit from – and individuals know when to quit to help make their team efforts more successful. Now, researchers … Read more

New Theory Suggests That Dark Matter Could Be an Extra-Dimensional Cosmic Refugee

Dark matter, the elusive substance that accounts for the majority of the mass in the Universe, may be made up of massive particles called gravitons that first popped into existence in the first moment after the Big Bang. And these hypothetical particles might be cosmic refugees from extra dimensions, a new theory suggests. The researchers’ … Read more