Sr. Geologist Proposed an AI Controlled tunneling machine advancing mechanized tunneling.

Mr. Ramana Reddy, Sr. Geologist said that this latest technology utilizes laser beam technologies that have not been fully exploited in the construction industry by increasing tunneling performance under tight conditions. This technology will solve common problems of excavation that are in typical tunneling operations. Some of the problems are the collapse of tunnels, slow … Read more

12th DBN Science and Technology Award Ceremony to Further Broaden the Vision of Agricultural Innovation

BEIJING, June 26, 2022 / CNW / – Beijing Dabeinong Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (“DBN”), an agricultural high-tech enterprise, will host 12th DBN Science and Technology Award ceremony (“the Ceremony”) in Beijing on June 28which is going to simultaneously livestream with around 100 parallel sessions to global audiences through Global Agricultural Technology Innovation … Read more

John Walter Named CEO of Food Allergy Science Initiative | Business

CAMBRIDGE, Mass .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Jun 24, 2022– The Food Allergy Science Initiative (FASI) today named veteran healthcare research leader John Walter as CEO of the food allergy research organization. Walter had served as chief operating officer for FASI since January of this year. This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: … Read more

New DNA Technology Is Shaking Up The Branches of The Evolutionary Tree

If you look different to your close relatives, you may have felt separate from your family. As a child, during particularly stormy fall outs you might have even hoped it was a sign that you were adopted. As our new research shows, appearances can be deceptive when it comes to family. New DNA technology is … Read more

University officials mark high point in new Center for Science and Technology Innovation – The Oxford Eagle

University of Mississippi officials and others celebrated a milestone in the construction of the emerging Jim and Thomas Duff Center for Science and Technology Innovation during a topping-out ceremony Thursday (June 23) on campus. Touting the economic and academic implications of 202,000-square-foot science, technology, engineering and mathematics building, Chancellor Glenn Boyce was among some 100 … Read more

Army, Navy host first multi-country science and technology conference in Belgium | Article

Left to right: Dr. Kelly Risko (DEVCOM Atlantic / Aviation & Missile Center Science Advisor); Lt. Col. Amy Hallock (Office of Defense Cooperation Brussels); Col. Jenny Stacy (DEVCOM ATL Director); Dr. Paul Sparks (DEVCOM ATL – ITC Southern Europe); Col. Fillip Borremans (Directorate General Royal Higher Institute for Defense); Dr. Scott Walper (Office of Naval … Read more

New Technology Proves Its Lasting Power

An emerging class of solar energy technology, made with perovskite semiconductors, has passed the long-sought milestone of a 30-year lifetime. The Princeton Engineering researchers who designed the new device also revealed a new method for testing long-term performance, a key hurdle on the road to commercialization. Credit: Photos by Bumper DeJesus 30-year perovskite solar cells … Read more

President Biden to Nominate Dr. Arati Prabhakar to Lead Office of Science and Technology Policy

Former Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and National Institute of Standards and Technology leader would make history as the first woman, immigrant, or person of color confirmed to head OSTP Today, President Biden announced his intention to nominate Dr. Arati Prabhakar to serve as Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), and … Read more

MIT Pioneers Technology To Grow Customizable Wood Products in the Lab With Little Waste

Scientists demonstrate that they can control the properties of lab-grown plant material, which could enable the production of wood products with little waste. Because of deforestation, the world loses about 10 million hectares of forest – an area about the size of Iceland – each year. At that rate, some researchers predict the world forests … Read more

Midlands Voices: The Computer Science and Technology Act’s future depends on collaboration | Columnists

As hard as it might be to believe today, public education was once a radical idea. Education reformer Horace Mann’s vision in the mid-1800s for publicly supported education was grounded in the idea – a brave one for the time – that a well-educated population is the bedrock for a well-functioning democracy and society. Just … Read more