Astronauts Have Distinct Brain Changes Even Months After They Return to Earth

Flung into freefall for months on end, our bodies adjust in ways that makes for a long list of health concerns for space travelers. The latest evaluation of microgravity’s warping effect on our biology focuses on the spaces surrounding the blood vessels that weave through our brain, revealing concerning changes that remain with astronauts between … Read more

A 10,000 year history of geological change in Lower Geyser Basin | Open Spaces

Christopher Schiller and Cathy Whitlock Lower Geyser Basin is the largest thermal basin in Yellowstone National Park and includes some of the Park’s most famous hydrothermal features, such as Fountain Paint Pots, Firehole Lake, and Great Fountain Geyser. It’s a landscape with a complicated past, sculpted by rhyolite lava flows, glaciers, hydrothermal activity, and climate … Read more

A “Pore” Explanation: What are Pore Spaces, How To Lease Them, and What To Do With Them? | Newsletters | Legal News: Energy

A common theme in current energy and climate literature and discussion is carbon capture, use, and sequestration (“CCUS”). Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas (“GHG”), and while plants love it, its unique physical and chemical properties make outsize contributions to warming the atmosphere and ultimately, the oceans and land masses. The observed negative effects … Read more

Meet the 4 private astronauts on Axiom Space’s Ax-1 mission

Axiom Space, a commercial aerospace company based in Houston, Texas, plans to launch humans to space for the first time next Wednesday (April 6). The company first crewed mission to space, called Ax-1, passed its flight readiness review on March 25. The Axiom Space mission, which will send a crew of spaceflyers to the International … Read more

The Best Way to Parallel Park on a Crowded Street, According to Science

You’re driving slowly along a street, looking for a place to park. You come across a long stretch of parallel parking. But to your frustration, the spaces left by other people’s parking efforts are not quite long enough for you to fit. The search continues. Drawn from our own frustrating experiences with parking, we decided … Read more

Biological male confronted by women’s rights activist, asked to ‘not use female spaces’

At the NCAA women swimming championships this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, former Outsports managing editor Dawn Ennis, a biological male who identifies as a woman, was confronted by a women rights activist about using female spaces. Ennis was confronted at the NCAA women’s swimming tournament by Standing for Women UK founder Kellie-Jay Keen about whether … Read more

Urban green spaces are great, but they’re no cure-all

To make the world a little greener, sometimes you just have to add greenery. This is particularly true in cities, where there is an increasing awareness that adding green spaces is crucial for developing healthy and sustainable places to live. “There’s lots of interest right now in nature and cities,” says Diane Pataki, director of … Read more

Axiom Space’s 1st space station crew approved by NASA, ISS partners

Axiom Space’s first astronaut crew just got the green light from NASA and the other International Space Station (ISS) partners for a trip to the orbiting lab. Axiom’s first crewed mission to the ISS, known as Ax-1, is scheduled to launch on March 30 aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. Ax-1 will be commanded by … Read more