OU Welcome Center to be Named in Honor of Significant Gift From Jones Family

Home to the OU Welcome Center and Office of Admissions and Recruitment, Jacobson Hall offers prospective students and their families a first impression of the university, with guided tours of OU’s nationally recognized campus beginning on its front steps. During the 2021-22 school year, OAR hosted more than 17,000 campus tours with prospective students and … Read more

John Hardcastle: The amateur geologist who made an internationally significant climate change contribution

He was a man with a curious mind who made a significant scientific discovery, and for the late John Hardcastle, living in South Canterbury provided the perfect backdrop for his research. News director Rachael Comer reports. More than 130 years on, John Hardcastle’s pioneering work revealing past climate change is still being discussed around the … Read more

Global Life Science & Analytical Instruments Market is Estimated to Show Significant Growth USD 54.82 Billion By 2030

Fior Market Research LLP The trend of developing life sciences and analytical instruments in medicine is expected to witness a rise in the coming years to ramp up the healthcare sector. Newark, NJ, May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – As per the report published by MarketQuest.biz, the global life science & analytical instruments market is … Read more

A Surprising Number of Genetic Mutations Occur Thanks to a Quirk of Quantum Physics

Mistakes happen. Especially when it comes to the replication of vast sequences of DNA inside our cells. It’s a good thing too. If not for the errors in our genes we refer to as mutations, natural selection would be a no-go, and life would be dead in the water. As crucial as mutations are to … Read more

Megafires Are Catastrophically Destructive, But These Microbes Thrive in Them

We know that there are some truly hardy microorganisms out there – able to survive in deep space and deep underground, for example – but a group of microbes identified in a new study might be the most impressively robust yet. The research describes fungi and bacteria that have not only survived the 2016 Soberanes … Read more

How Hypersonic Missiles Work and the Significant Threats They Pose

Hypersonic missiles can change course to avoid detection and anti-missile defenses. Credit: US Air Force On March 18, 2022, Russia launched a hypersonic missile against a Ukrainian arms depot in the western part of the country. That may sound frightening, but the Russian technology used in that attack was not particularly advanced. However, Russia, China, … Read more

Novel Approach to Preventing Seizures Identified – Significant Advance in Our Understanding of Epilepsy

Brain with Brodmann areas marked. Credit: Patricia Hurl, 1992, (Gouache on paper). Scientists at Trinity College Dublin have announced a significant advance in our understanding of epilepsy, as they have identified a potential method of preventing damaging seizure activity. Epilepsy is a chronic central nervous system (CNS) disorder affecting approximately 1% of the population and … Read more

First large-scale study of COVID-era birth data finds significant drop in cesarian, induced deliveries – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Premature births from cesarian (C-sections) and induced deliveries fell by 6.5% during the first month of the Covid-19 pandemic and remained consistently lower throughout – a likely result of fewer prenatal visits due to efforts to slow the spread of the virus, according to new research from Georgia Tech’s School of Economics. Premature births from … Read more

Austin vows “significant reaction” if Russia uses chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine

Washington – Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned Sunday a chemical or biological weapons attack by Russia in Ukraine would prompt a “significant reaction” from the United States, as well as global allies and partners. “If a chemical or biological weapon was used, you’d see a significant reaction from not only the United States, but also … Read more

Archaeologists Find One of the Most Significant Carved Stone Monuments Ever Uncovered in Scotland

A carved Pictish symbol stone uncovered in a field in Aberlemno. Only 200 Pictish symbol stones are known to exi. Credit: University of Aberdeen Rare Pictish symbol stone found near potential site of famous battle. Archaeologists have uncovered a Pictish symbol stone close to the location of one of the most significant carved stone monuments … Read more