St. Croix Co. Dairy with manure spill history reaches $65k settlement for 2019 fish kill

The Emerald Sky Dairy in the Town of Emerald in St. Croix County reached a settlement with the Wisconsin Department of Justice last month for discharging manure into a creek in November 2019, the DOJ announced last week. The settlement will require the dairy to pay $65,000 to resolve violations related to the manure discharge. … Read more

Solar beats nuclear at many potential settlement sites on Mars

Credit: Davian Ho. The high efficiency, light weight and flexibility of the latest solar cell technology means photovoltaics could provide all the power needed for an extended mission to Mars, or even a permanent settlement there, according to a new analysis by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley . Most scientists and engineers who’ve … Read more

Why Did Vikings Mysteriously Leave Greenland? We May Finally Know The Reason

For the better part of four centuries, Greenland’s southern coast defined the westernmost edge of Viking occupation. Seduced by visions of verdant hills and fertile ground, in the late 10th century waves of Norse migrants set sail in hopes of an easier life abroad. At its peak, the colony’s population numbered in the thousands, spread … Read more

Russia-Ukraine “Off-Ramp” – Potential Settlement Plan Drafted by Cambridge Peace Negotiator

A Ukrainian soldier near the front lines in the Donbas region in 2015. Credit: Noah Brooks / Ministry of Defense of Ukraine An international law expert outlines terms for a possible agreement on Ukraine, including proposals for the Donbas and Crimea regions, and a “Cooperative European Security Architecture.” A “finely balanced formula” in which the … Read more