Minneapolis’ Aim Academy of Science and Technology Selects Discovery Education to Support Science and Social Studies

SILVER SPRING, MD (Thursday, May 26, 2022)—The Aim Academy of Science and Technology in Minneapolis, MN, today announced it has selected Discovery Education – the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place— to support science and social studies instruction in all grades. In collaboration with Discovery Education, Aim Academy … Read more

NASA Selects 6 Companies for Development of Space Communication Services

An artist rendering of a NASA Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) in orbit. TDRS provides a vital communications link between ground facilities and the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope and a host of Earth science satellites. The agency would decommission TDRS to enable commercial providers to support future near-Earth communication mission requirements. … Read more

UW Selects Parag Chitnis as VP for Research and Economic Development | News

March 25, 2022 Parag Chitnis An experienced administrator who has led numerous interdisciplinary research programs for two federal agencies and two land-grant universities has been chosen as the University of Wyoming’s vice president for research and economic development. Parag Chitnis, most recently the associate director for programs at the US Department of Agriculture’s National Institute … Read more

CULT Food Science Selects Sydsel Africa to Join the CULT PRIZE Initiative and Bolster its Research and IP Incubation Platform

Successful CULT PRIZE Initiative has Resulted in the Company Securing the IP Rights to Sydsel’s Integrated NextGen 3D Scaffolding Proteins The CULT PRIZE is a CAD 1,000,000 Global Competition Taking Place Over Two Years, Aimed at Incentivizing Innovative and Collaborative Research Programs to Advance the Future of Food VANCOUVER, BC, March 9, 2022 / CNW … Read more

NASA Selects Advanced Futuristic Space Technology Concepts for Early Study

The selected concepts include three from[{” attribute=””>JPL. The projects are still in the early stages of development and are not considered official NASA missions. An astronaut steps into a body scanner and, hours later, walks on Mars in a custom-made spacesuit, breathing oxygen that was extracted from Mars’ carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere. On Venus, an inflatable … Read more

NASA Selects Lockheed Martin Space To Build Rocket To Retrieve First Samples From Mars

This illustration shows a concept for a set of future robots working together to ferry back samples from the surface of Mars collected by NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover. Credit: NASA / ESA / JPL-Caltech The award brings[{” attribute=””>NASA a step closer to the first robotic round trip to bring samples safely to Earth through the … Read more