Women with disabilities ‘underestimated’ as battle for equality in science careers heats up

Zia Westerman was interested in studying geoscience, but a lack of flexibility around field trips caused her to do an arts degree instead. Key points: People with disabilities make up just six percent of university enrollments There has been a lack of inclusion in science-related professions But a group of women are setting an example … Read more

Recognizing Black expertise could encourage more interest in science, says professor

A Dalhousie professor believes focusing on Black history could be a key element in getting more Black students involved in science, technology, engineering and math, also known by the acronym STEM. Professor Afua Cooper, a historian and a Killam Research Chair of Black History and African Diaspora Studies at Dalhousie University, will be hosting a … Read more

How do you keep a dinosaur? The Buffalo Museum of Science

BUFFALO, NY — On July 28, a Gorgosaurus fossil, a relative of the T-Rex, hits the auction block in New York City. It’s going for $5 – $8 million. This sale got us wondering how in the world do you keep a dinosaur, or any other historic specimen for that matter? We took that question … Read more

July 16: Best of Quirks & Quarks – Our favourite space science stories

On this week’s episode of The Best of Quirks & Quarks with Bob McDonald: The Solar wind makes water on asteroids, which carries it to EarthOriginally broadcast December 04, 2021 Researchers have found evidence that particles emitted by the sun may have helped give Earth its seas and oceans. The team included Hope Ishii, a … Read more

UL to take over operations of Lafayette Science Museum

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette will now operate the Lafayette Science Museum, which will be renamed the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Science Museum. This is the finalization of a partnership with LCG that was first announced last year. At that time – July 2021 – Mayor President Josh Guillory said the details would … Read more

For the first time, scientists spot humpback whales riding a ship’s wake | Science

Two years ago, a team of marine biologists was fast asleep on a research vessel off the coast of Brazil when the captain woke them up with a harried announcement: There was a “huge animal” following the ship. The bleary-eyed scientists made their way to the stern, where they found a trio of humpback whales … Read more

Earth Matters – Skygazing for Science

Participants taking cloud observations. Image credit: The GLOBE Program Clouds are an important part of the climate system. They affect how much sunlight reaches the ground and how much heat returns to space, which in turn affects Earth’s temperature and rainfall patterns. Scientists are working to better understand the role that clouds play in the … Read more

The ancient art and science of mining: a look back at the 1500s

Credit: Luca Tinagli (from imaggeo.egu.eu) Sean Daly is a (now retired) Canadian mining geologist with 40+ years of experience, who has dedicated his career to understanding the close relationship between mining, geology and society. His recent book “From the Erzgebirge to Potosi: ​A History of Geology and Mining Since the 1500’s” traces the history of … Read more

Food science inspires new approach to treating gut and liver injury

Inspired by how coffee shops foam milk, as well as gummy candy and sizzling Pop Rocks, researchers have designed three gas-trapping materials to deliver a low dose of carbon monoxide into the body to potentially treat gastrointestinal disorders. Carbon monoxide is fatal when inhaled at high concentrations, but the reported results, published in Science Translational … Read more