MLOps: The New Role in Data Science

Machine learning operations (MLOps) analysts have burst onto the scene as demand has grown among businesses for consistent, reliable insights in-house. We speak to Monika Rzepecka, MLOps analyst at the market, consumer, and brand intelligence agency, GfK, to hear what the role involves and what it delivers, strategically. What can the MLOps role involve? MLOps … Read more

The Evolution of Data Science and Its Changing Role Evident at ODSC

The recent ODSC conference highlighted changes in data science in the last few years including the move to cloud, the need to support increasingly sophisticated workflows, and more attention on security. RTInsights recently had the opportunity to speak with Sheamus McGovern, Founder and CEO of the Open Data Science Conference (ODSC). ODSC is one of … Read more

The Vital Role HBCUs Play in Building a Robust Science & Engineering Enterprise – US Black Engineer

The National Science Foundation (NSF) appointed Karen Marrongelle to serve as the chief operating officer in July 2021. Prior, she led the NSF Directorate for Education and Human Resources, which supports research that enhances learning and teaching, and broad efforts to achieve excellence in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education at all levels and … Read more

Aurora’s forgotten scandal that played a role in an international crisis

What does a failed multi-million project in the City of Aurora have to do with the Iran hostage crisis? Despite the thousands of miles of separation, there’s a key connection between the two events that some might find a bit of science fiction, but rest assured there’s nothing fictitious about what actually happened in Aurora … Read more

There’s a greater role for science diplomacy amidst global collaborations

Science offers solutions for the world’s most complex challenges, if it fosters a close relationship with society. While science contributes intellectual capital to the global economy, it is also uniquely poised to play a greater role in science diplomacy. Global collaboration in science and technology research best succeeds within the context of shared values. Current … Read more

Mars Has Auroras Without a Global Magnetic Field, And We Finally Know How

Earth’s auroras are a glorious wonder, but our planet is not the only place in the Solar System where these phenomena can be found. An atmospheric glow, albeit sometimes in invisible wavelengths, has been spotted at every planet except Mercury, and even some moons of Jupiter … and even a comet. But Mars is where … Read more

How Do Genomes Evolve Between Species? The Key Role of 3D Structure in Sperm Cells

New research shows that sperm production is critical to how regions of the genome are re-organized within and between chromosomes during evolution. In particular, inherited chromosomal rearrangements are associated with physical and biochemical processes that are specific to the final stages of sperm production, after the meiotic cell divisions have been completed. A study led … Read more

PIP2 Discovered To Play a Key Role in Epithelial Cell Adhesion

Researchers found phospholipids to be essential in epithelial cell adhesion. Phosphatidylinositol bisphosphate (PIP2), a phospholipid, is essential for epithelial cell-cell adhesion and maintaining cellular identity. Body cells in multicellular organisms adhere to one another to form tissues that perform various physiological functions. Epithelial cells form our skin and lining surfaces, such as the gut and … Read more

A Surprising Number of Genetic Mutations Occur Thanks to a Quirk of Quantum Physics

Mistakes happen. Especially when it comes to the replication of vast sequences of DNA inside our cells. It’s a good thing too. If not for the errors in our genes we refer to as mutations, natural selection would be a no-go, and life would be dead in the water. As crucial as mutations are to … Read more