Researchers use tree rings, GIS to create bluff erosion model

That big tree in your back yard—the one that purifies the air, provides a respite from the sun, and is home to a family of robins—has also been providing a detailed climate record for decades. If you’ve ever seen a tree stump, you’ve noticed that the core has a series of concentric rings. These rings … Read more

In Iceland, a Volcanic Eruption Brings Researchers Closer to Earth’s Core

What do you do when a volcano erupts for the first time in centuries? For many people on the southern peninsula in Iceland, when the Fagradalsfjall volcano went off in 2021 after 781 years of dormancy, the answer was to take pictures. As the eruption continued over the course of six months, tourists and locals … Read more

The Earth’s crust has been ‘dripping’ beneath the Andes Mountains for millions of years: Researchers

Just like honey slowly dripping from a spoon, parts of the rocky outermost layer of the Earth’s shell are continuously sinking into the more fluid layer of the planet’s mantle over the course of millions of years. Known as lithospheric dripping – named for the fragmentation of rocky material that makes up Earth’s crust and … Read more

California’s Drought: Geology Researchers Investigate How Mega Dry Spells Spark Urban Wildfires

To better understand the impacts of drought and wildfire activity in an urban landscape, Cal State Fullerton geology researchers are developing the first-ever study to reconstruct the fire history for Chino Hills State Park. With California experiencing prolonged dry conditions for the third consecutive year, the parched, hot and windy weather, combined … Read more

Pitt researchers pulled 700,000 years of glacial history from an Andean lakebed

When Mark Abbott and his team pulled a 300-foot-long core of mud from a lakebed high in the Peruvian Andes, he hoped it might provide a long-sought-after glimpse of the past 160,000 years of climate change. Instead, the researchers revealed July 13 in the journal Nature, that the lakebed recorded the ebb and flow of … Read more

Ancient South American dust helps reveal new clues about the future of the Earth’s climate, researchers say

July 13, 2022July 13, 2022 Dust that was deposited at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Argentina over the last 1.15 million years helps explain how wind patterns have shifted and could offer clues of what is to come as the Earth’s climate changes, according to new research by a team from South … Read more

University of Idaho researchers find correlation between pesticides and cancer

A correlation between agricultural pesticides and cancer in western states has been found by University of Idaho and Northern Arizona University researchers. Two studies were conducted, one that examined correlating data in 11 Western states and one that took a closer look at the data Idaho specifically. The studies found a possible relationship between agricultural … Read more

ASU researchers patent a new industrial-scale chemical method using geomimicry

July 6, 2022 The current increase in gasoline costs and the many ways these costs are passed onto consumers remind us that much of the world’s economy still relies on the production of fuels that are refined from crude oil. The refining process uses high temperatures and catalysts to perform a series of chemical reactions … Read more

Thin crust or thick? Yale researchers try to solve a continental question

The crusty conundrum carries fundamental implications. The thickness of continental crust – the part of Earth’s crust that forms land masses and continents – plays an important role in everything from the gradual movement of continents to the evolution of animal species on land and in shallow waters along coastlines. The Earth is covered by … Read more