University of Florida surpasses $1 billion in research spending for first time in 2022 – News

University of Florida faculty surpassed $1 billion in research spending for the first time in 2022, developing treatments for diseases, new agricultural products, engineering solutions and countless other advancements. With $1.076 billion in research expenditures, UF joins an exclusive group of about 15 public universities around the country to surpass $1 billion, including the University … Read more

Pioneering climate change research reveals long-term global carbon cycle impacts

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A new study in Nature Geoscience, co-authored by Dr. Heather Ford from Queen Mary’s School of Geography, uses a unique research model to illustrate how past geological periods can help us understand future climate changes. As research uncovers more about Earth’s distant history, going back millions of years before human life, … Read more

AGU Acceleration to Open Access with Geophysical Research Letters transition

AGU is committed to the principles of open science and FAIR (Fimpossible, Aaccessible, Iinteroperable and Reusable) data. To support that, over the last decade, AGU has begun to shift its journals to open access as part of our mission to support a global community in advancing Earth and space sciences. … Read more

Research attributes Iberian Peninsula climate change to human activity

July 6, 2022 A team of researchers has discovered that human activity is the cause for drying out the climate in southwestern Europe. William Harmon Norton Professor of Geology Rhawn Denniston Using funding from a 2018 National Science Foundation granta multidisciplinary team of researchers, including Cornell College William Harmon Norton Professor of Geology Rhawn Denniston, … Read more

Global and Regional Geology and Mine Planning Software Market Research 2021 Report

The recent study report on Geology and Mine Planning Software market aims to provide an end-to-end analysis of this industry vertical with respect to drivers, challenges, opportunities that will influence the business growth in coming years. Furthermore, the report elaborates the industry segmentation in great length to uncover the top growth prospects … Read more

Celebratory science statue, polar bear survival and unappreciated research

Margherita Hack (pictured in 2012) is depicted in a statue unveiled on 13 June in Milan.Credit: Left, Nick Zonna / ipa-agency / Shutterstock; right, Massimo Sestini / Mondadori via Getty Italy’s first public statue of female scientist celebrates astronomer Astronomer Margherita Hack has become the first female scientist to be honored with a public statue … Read more

New Analysis of Fearsome Teeth Confirms Megalodons Were ‘Highest Level’ Apex Predators

The fearsome megalodon was the largest shark that ever lived, possibly growing up to 20 meters (66 feet) in length, with teeth the size of a human hand. New research analyzing teeth from this ancient creature has revealed that the megalodon was the most apex of apex predators. By studying the levels of nitrogen isotopes … Read more

New Research Finds Women in Science are Credited Less Than Men

Women who are part of research teams publishing scientific works in labs across the US are less likely to be credited for their contributions than their male counterparts, according to new research out of Northeastern University. Controlling for, among other things, role, research experience and time spent on a project, researchers found that women are … Read more

Keyrus Life Science, the Connected-CRO (C2RO), strengthens its synergies with the Keyrus Group, adopting a new visual identity and deploying a complete portfolio of services to drive clinical research forward

LEVALLOIS-PERRET, France, June 28, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Keyrus Life Science announces the launch of its new visual identity strengthening its synergies with the Keyrus Group to address the most pressing challenges of its clients in the life science industry and to drive clinical research forward. “The development of Keyrus Life Science is based … Read more

Summer Research Grants Open Up a World of Possibilities for Students

Each summer, students at the College of Charleston gain hands-on experience through Summer Undergraduate Research with Faculty (SURF) grants, which pair students with faculty mentors to pursue impactful research projects. This year, a committee of faculty members representing each of the College’s eight schools reviewed 58 applications. A total of 23 projects were each awarded … Read more