One Strange Reason Why the Boston Celtics May Have Lost NBA Finals Game 6

The Golden State Warriors are the NBA Champions. In Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Thursday, Steph Curry, the greatest shooter of all-time dominated the Celtics, putting up 32 points. But it wasn’t just Steph. Horrible ball-handling and messy turnovers hurt the Celtics, too. However, if a new study is to be believed, there … Read more

The weird reason dolphins drink each other’s pee

Dolphins get to know their friends by tasting their pee, a new study finds. By sampling sips of each other’s urine, dolphins demonstrated a type of social recognition that begins with an exchange of whistles that are unique to specific individuals – much like human names. Scientists have long known that dolphins identify themselves using … Read more

Did NASA find a mysterious doorway on Mars? No, but that’s no reason to stop looking

For the past ten years, NASA’s Curiosity rover has been trundling around the surface of Mars, taking photos in its quest to understand the history and geology of the red planet and perhaps even find signs of life. Last week it took a photo which appeared to show a doorway carved into the rock. It’s … Read more

Inca Children Chosen For Sacrifice Were Given Hallucinogenic Drugs For a Simple Reason

For more than 500 years, the mummified remains of several small children frozen high on a volcano in Southern Peru kept a secret record of their final days. Since the mummies’ discovery in the 1990s, researchers worked to unlock ancient ancient pasts, unraveling a shocking tale that ends in human sacrifice. Now a new finding … Read more

Scientists Discover a Key Reason Why Running Boosts Brain Health

Exercise increases levels of BDNF, a chemical involved in brain cell growth, which boosts the release of the hormone dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is known to play a key role in movement, motivation, and learning. Boost in nerve-growth protein helps explain why running supports brain health. Exercise increases levels of a chemical involved … Read more

New Study Reveals The Reason Teens Seem to Tune Out Their Mom’s Voice

“Are you even listening to me?” It’s a question that discouraged parents often throw at their distracted teenagers, and the truthful answer is probably, “No.” It’s hard to really blame them. New research on adolescent brains suggests the reaction we have to certain voices naturally shifts with time, making our mother’s voice feel less valuable. … Read more

Here’s The Genetic Reason We Find Puppy Dogs So Gosh Dang Irresistible

With just the power of one beseeching, big-eyed look, dogs can wrap us around their perfect little paws. As it turns out, this ability is at least partially our own doing. Recently, a team of researchers figured out the ‘eyebrow’ muscles that contort canine faces into adorable pleading expressions are not typically present in wolves, … Read more

The True Reason For So Much Hunger in The World Is Probably Not What You Think

Nearly one in three people in the world did not have access to enough food in 2020. That’s an increase of almost 320 million people in one year and it’s expected to get worse with rising food prices and the war trapping wheat, barley and corn in Ukraine and Russia. Climate change related floods, fires … Read more

Why Did Vikings Mysteriously Leave Greenland? We May Finally Know The Reason

For the better part of four centuries, Greenland’s southern coast defined the westernmost edge of Viking occupation. Seduced by visions of verdant hills and fertile ground, in the late 10th century waves of Norse migrants set sail in hopes of an easier life abroad. At its peak, the colony’s population numbered in the thousands, spread … Read more