Botanical Paradox: Joey Santore Connects Plants and People

Botanist Joey Santore. (Photo by Jesse Will) I called Joey Santore just as he’d returned from a botanizing trip to South Africa. “I’m stuffing envelopes right now,” he told me from his home in West Oakland. “Mailing out stickers. It’s a big part of how I make my money.” Santore has hundreds of thousands of … Read more

Two Genes Crucial for Plants Colonizing the Earth 470 Million Ago Have Been Identified

Scientists believe it likely that the two genes, PEN1 and SYP122, paved the way for all terrestrial plant life. Researchers shed new light on how plant life became established on the surface of the Earth Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have shed new light on how plant life got established on the surface of … Read more

Scientists find a way to grow plants in complete darkness

Scientists have created a method of artificial photosynthesis to grow plants without sunshine in an advance that could lead to new ways to grow food on Earth – and possibly one day on Mars. Over millions of years of evolution, photosynthesis has developed in plants as a way to turn water, carbon dioxide and the … Read more

New DNA Technology Is Shaking Up The Branches of The Evolutionary Tree

If you look different to your close relatives, you may have felt separate from your family. As a child, during particularly stormy fall outs you might have even hoped it was a sign that you were adopted. As our new research shows, appearances can be deceptive when it comes to family. New DNA technology is … Read more

When Cats Chew Catnip, It Works as a Bug Spray | Science

A cat chews up and rolls around in the leaves of the silver vine plant. Masao Miyazaki For even the most aloof cats, just a few leaves of catnip can trigger excited fits of chewing, kicking and rolling around. Silver vine — or matatabi in Japanese — inspires a similar plant-induced euphoria in our feline … Read more

Catnip Turns Out to Have a Hidden Effect You Probably Don’t Know About

To many members of the feline family, perennial herb catnip (Nepeta cataria) is an irresistible psychoactive treat that induces short bouts of drooling, pawing, and writhing pleasure. Not satisfied with merely rolling among its foliage, many kitties will tear and crumple the leaves, prompting researchers to investigate the purpose of this wanton destruction. What appears … Read more

Plants Appear to Be Breaking Biochemistry Rules by Making ‘Secret Decisions’

Researchers have just discovered a previously unknown process that makes sense of the ‘secret decisions’ plants make when releasing carbon back into the atmosphere. “We found that plants control their respiration in a way we did not expect, they control how much of the carbon from photosynthesis they keep to build biomass by using a … Read more

Research reveals the science behind this plant’s blue berries | CU Boulder Today

Banner image: Detail shot of Lantana strigocamara in the Ramaley Greenhouse. (Credit: Patrick Campbell / CU Boulder) On a beautiful fall day in 2019, Miranda Sinnott-Armstrong was walking down Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado when something caught her eye: a small, particularly shiny blue fruit, on a shrub known as Lantana strigocamara. While its tiny … Read more