Physics postgraduate student awarded prestigious Stevenson Fund | Imperial News

A Physics postgraduate student has been awarded the prestigious Stevenson Fund bursary for female scientists. The Stevenson Fund, named after its benefactor Dr Greta Stevenson, funds three bursaries of up to £7,500 a year. The bursaries are awarded to students of Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Life Sciences and Geology and are used to fund international research … Read more

Deciding to Read This Article Isn’t The Result of Gravity Crushing Your Quantum Spirit

A few years ago, deep beneath the Apennine Mountains in Italy, a team of physicists hunted for flashes of light that just might suggest human consciousness is the product of gravitational forces. The fact they came up empty-handed does not mean we’re all meat computers with no free will; it does make the quest for … Read more

Deep Underground Experiment Results Confirm Anomaly: Possible New Fundamental Physics

New results from the Baksan Experiment on Sterile Transitions (BEST) experiment confirm anomaly suggesting new physics possibility. Neutrino sterile, fundamental physics among interpretations of anomalous results. New scientific results confirm an anomaly seen in previous experiments, which may point to an as-yet-unconfirmed new elementary particle, the sterile neutrino, or indicate the need for a new … Read more

A ‘Very Exciting’ Anomaly Detected in Major Experiment Could Be Huge News For Physics

A strange gap between theoretical predictions and experimental results in a major neutrino research project could be a sign of the elusive ‘sterile’ neutrino – a particle so quiet, it can only be detected by the silence it leaves in its wake. It’s not the first time the anomaly has been seen, adding to previous … Read more

Teaching Physics to AI Can Allow It To Make New Discoveries All on Its Own

Duke University researchers have discovered that machine learning algorithms can gain new degrees of transparency and insight into the properties of materials after teaching them known physics. Incorporating established physics into neural network algorithms helps them to uncover new insights into material properties According to researchers at Duke University, incorporating known physics into machine learning … Read more

Move over science fiction. Can quantum physics help solve very practical present-day problems?

Photo: Nicholas Vevers / ANU. If you look at a map of the most water-stressed nations on Earth, India is colored in an ominous shade of red. The same color as notoriously drier nations in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Unlike other water-stressed nations, however, India is a global agricultural powerhouse, and the water … Read more

‘Time crystals’ work around laws of physics to offer new era of quantum computing

The connecting of two “time crystals” in a superfluid of helium-3 barely one-ten-thousandth of a degree above absolute zero could be a huge step towards a new kind of quantum computer. Time crystals are bizarre structures of atoms, the existence of which was only predicted as recently as 2012, with experimental proof following a few … Read more

Researchers Discovered a New Kind of Higgs Relative in The Unlikeliest of Places

Sometimes the discovery of new physics demands insane levels of energy. Big machines. Fancy equipment. Countless hours of sifting through reams of data. And then sometimes the right combination of materials can open a doorway to invisible realms in a space a little bigger than a tabletop. Take this new kind of relative to the … Read more

Sizzling Sound of Deep-Frying Reveals Complex Physics of Vapor Cavities

Experienced cooks can tell when cooking oil is at the right temperature by the sizzling sound produced by inserting moist chopsticks. Moistened chopsticks, water droplets in hot cooking oil reveal complicated bubble dynamics and sound characteristics. As its name implies, fluid mechanics is a branch of physics concerned with the mechanics of fluids (liquids, gases, … Read more