Before Stonehenge Monuments, Hunter-Gatherers Made Use of Open Woodland Habitats

According to a new study, hunter-gatherers made use of open woodland conditions in the millennia before Stonehenge monuments were built. Research study investigates habitat conditions encountered by first farmers and monument-builders. Hunter-gatherers made use of open woodland conditions in the millennia before Stonehenge monuments were built, according to a study by Samuel Hudson of the … Read more

Open science: Still a long way to go

Open science advocates a scientific research model in which both the results and all the data generated during research are made available to society in order to create a more collaborative, democratic and transparent scientific system in all its phases. A study by Juliana Raffaghellia member of the Edul @ b group in the Faculty … Read more

A 10,000 year history of geological change in Lower Geyser Basin | Open Spaces

Christopher Schiller and Cathy Whitlock Lower Geyser Basin is the largest thermal basin in Yellowstone National Park and includes some of the Park’s most famous hydrothermal features, such as Fountain Paint Pots, Firehole Lake, and Great Fountain Geyser. It’s a landscape with a complicated past, sculpted by rhyolite lava flows, glaciers, hydrothermal activity, and climate … Read more

Why I work unpaid to keep the Yemen Geological Museum open

Geologist Fahd Albarraq has made many sacrifices to keep the Yemen Geological Museum open.Credit: Shihab Jamal Yemeni geologist Fahd Albarraq manages the Yemen Geological Museum in Sana’a. In 2016, not long after civil war broke out, the country economy collapsed and the museum lost its permanent funding from the government. Albarraq and three of his … Read more

Science Hill preparing for open enrollment | News

With Kentucky’s open enrollment law set to take effect soon, the community’s two smaller public school systems are looking ahead to enrolling new students. Science Hill School, the single-facility district in northern Pulaski, announced that they will be enrolling out-of-district students beginning May 2, with the number of those accepted based on available room and … Read more

Sewickley Academy computer science students open an escape room

Thirteen members of Sewickley Academy’s junior and senior classes are planning an escape, and they’re hoping to involve as many of their classmates, teachers and parents as possible. It’s not an escape from school, in fact, this project has them especially excited for class as they spend their days building and planning an escape room … Read more

Helios: US universities push for open science

US higher education is making another major push to promote a culture of sharing in research, with several dozen top institutions looking to jointly tie open science practices to their tenure and promotion decisions. The effort is known as Helios, and its 65-plus inaugural members cover the highest ranks of US research universities. Their idea, … Read more

Miami Regionals to hold Passport programs open to public

Languages, Literatures, and Writing Week will present Rachel Barr, Miami Alumna at 7 pm April 19 on Zoom. Barr will talk about her experience applying to graduate school, attending it, and finding her niche in the law field. Languages, Literatures, and Writing Week will present Favorite Poem Project at 1:30 pm April 20 at Harry … Read more