Temperatures on Neptune Are Mysteriously Fluctuating, And It Doesn’t Make Sense

An unprecedented analysis of changes in the temperature of Neptune has revealed something rather strange taking place at the most distant planet in our Solar System. Far-flung Neptune, which orbits the Sun at about 30 times the distance of Earth, takes an accordingly long time to make its trek around the star: about 165 Earth … Read more

Why Did Vikings Mysteriously Leave Greenland? We May Finally Know The Reason

For the better part of four centuries, Greenland’s southern coast defined the westernmost edge of Viking occupation. Seduced by visions of verdant hills and fertile ground, in the late 10th century waves of Norse migrants set sail in hopes of an easier life abroad. At its peak, the colony’s population numbered in the thousands, spread … Read more

Mysteriously High Fraction of Dead Galaxies Found in Ancient Galactic City – Unlike All Other Known Protoclusters

This artist’s impression depicts the formation of a galaxy cluster in the early Universe. The galaxies are vigorously forming new stars and interacting with each other. Such a scene closely resembles the Spiderweb Galaxy (formally known as MRC 1138-262) and its surroundings, which is one of the best-studied protoclusters. Credit: ESO / M. Kornmesser Why … Read more

The Lost City of Cahokia Was Mysteriously Abandoned, And We Still Don’t Know Why

For hundreds of years, Cahokia was home to the current state of Illinois. The bustling, vibrant city was once home to about 15,000 people, but was abandoned by the end of the 14th century – and researchers are still unsure why. The study, published last year, could at least disprove a previous idea – that … Read more