A visit to the Natural History Museum – The Nature of Cities

Museums and collections surely served to materialize the appropriation of history, englobed within Britannia’s magnanimous fold. One almost expects Tarzan to come swinging from the roof trusses, the archetypical English gentleman who whitewashes the colonial-industrial complex with the image of unsullied nature. At the end of November 2021, spending a few days in London, I … Read more

How do you keep a dinosaur? The Buffalo Museum of Science

BUFFALO, NY — On July 28, a Gorgosaurus fossil, a relative of the T-Rex, hits the auction block in New York City. It’s going for $5 – $8 million. This sale got us wondering how in the world do you keep a dinosaur, or any other historic specimen for that matter? We took that question … Read more

Mineral museum curator ensures its solid future with $250,000 gift – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Share July 15, 2022 They come from the Great Lakes state, countries all over the world, and even from outer space. The collection, and subsequent museum, of rare rocks and minerals at Wayne State University is a 54-year labor of love that will be renamed for its devoted curator, geology alumnus David Lowrie ’64. Geology … Read more

UL to take over operations of Lafayette Science Museum

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette will now operate the Lafayette Science Museum, which will be renamed the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Science Museum. This is the finalization of a partnership with LCG that was first announced last year. At that time – July 2021 – Mayor President Josh Guillory said the details would … Read more

New EMS museum collections manager brings exhibit experience as space reopens

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — For the past few months, Patti Wood Finkle has been busy sifting through the EMS Museum & Art Gallery’s vast collection of roughly 20,000 items. Since January, the new collections manager has been working to identify, expound on and catalog the items, many of which haven’t seen the light of day … Read more

115 Meteorites Land at the Field Museum, Offering a Peek at the History of the Solar System | Chicago News

A sampling of the fossilized meteorites, preserved in limestone that was quarried in Sweden. (Patty Wetley/WTTW News) Monday was like Christmas in July at the Field Museum, where staff opened crates recently arrived from Sweden, full of cargo that the word “precious” doesn’t begin to describe. As they freed each package from protective layers of … Read more

Vizcaya restoration dooms former science museum

Written by Samantha Sheradsky on June 28, 2022 Advertisement Say goodbye to the former Miami Science Museum. In another step toward restoration of county-owned Vizcaya Museum and Gardens set to begin next month, the former science museum and planetarium building will fall. The first phase consists of tearing down the non-historic buildings on the site … Read more

The Wonders Center & Science Museum at Dickson Renaissance Center

The Renaissance Center in Dickson will be transformed into the world’s largest Christian-based science museum by year end, according to David Rives Ministries, a nonprofit currently located in Lewisburg. The Wonders Center & Science Museum will be the new name for the over 20-year-old, distinctive facility in Dickson. In addition to the museum, the facility … Read more

Imperial Science and the Company’s Museum

In the first half of the nineteenth century, one of Europe’s “most extensive collections of the natural history, arts, and sciences of Asia” was the Honorable East India Company’s Museum and Library in London. Known familiarly as the India Museum, it was, as scholar Jessica Ratcliff explains, a major player in imperial British science. And … Read more

Exhibit director who brought sense of theater to Science Museum, expanded its reach dies at 69

Paul Maurer liked to say that he pursued a degree in theater arts at the University of Minnesota because “everything else sounded too hard.” But the veteran set builder and designer used those skills to bring a sense of drama to the Science Museum of Minnesota, where he was director of exhibits for almost 20 … Read more