Combining behavioral & data sciences to optimize chronic disease management

Digital tools have become an essential part of our lives. Online calendars guide our daily routine; Waze and Google Maps plan our routes – warning us of traffic or an accident ahead; websites and apps recommend restaurants nearby; and this is just to name a few. These technologies direct and redirect us, offering optimal guidance … Read more

Stocking walleyes in Minnesota: Where science meets the trophy shot

This Minnesota Fishing Opener, here is a look at the life cycle of a stocked walleye, so key to a healthy population of the state’s signature fish. By Tony Kennedy and illustrations by Mark Boswell Star Tribune May 13, 2022 – 6:18 am As one of the nation’s best walleye-fishing states, Minnesota is blessed with … Read more

How Climate Scientists Keep Hope Alive as Damage Worsens | Science News

By SETH BORENSTEIN, AP Science Writer In the course of a single year, University of Maine climate scientist Jacquelyn Gill lost both her mother and her stepfather. She struggled with infertility, then during research in the Arctic, she developed embolisms in both lungs, was transferred to an intensive care unit in Siberia and nearly died. … Read more

Minnesota falling short on new national conservation goal

The government owns about a quarter of Minnesota, including a dozen national wildlife refuges, more than 100 state scientific reserves, a vast canoe wilderness and other tracts of the state’s heavily forested northeast. Private landowners routinely volunteer to safeguard land from development. Yet Minnesota may still be millions of acres short of President Biden’s “America … Read more

The many scientific pursuits of University of Minnesota grad Laura Linton

Courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society Laura Linton, ca. 1896. In 1879, scientists at the University of Minnesota asked chemistry student Laura Linton to analyze rock samples that had been collected along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Her research identified a previously unknown mineral, which her professors named “lintonite” in recognition of her work. … Read more

The art and science of forcing ‘bad votes’ at the Minnesota Legislature

Call this one How A Bill Doesn’t Become A Law (but becomes a campaign mailer instead). It’s about how motions are made and bills are voted on with no intention of them passing. It’s how minority parties, which are usually excluded from decision making, can use the rules and procedures to embarrass the majority. And … Read more

University of Minnesota study details how some fish cope with parasites, with implications for human health – BIOENGINEER.ORG

They thrive everywhere from bustling cities to remote rainforests – even in our own backyards. Pervasive and unapologetic mooches, parasites rely on other organisms for their survival. Credit: Amanda Hund, University of Minnesota. They thrive everywhere from bustling cities to remote rainforests – even in our own backyards. Pervasive and unapologetic mooches, parasites rely on … Read more

University of Minnesota researchers study waves created by recreational boats – BIOENGINEER.ORG

MINAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (01.02.2022) – A new study by researchers at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory at the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering has shown that popular surf boats require greater distance from shore and other boats than more common boats. This distance is necessary to reduce the potential impact of … Read more