University officials mark high point in new Center for Science and Technology Innovation – The Oxford Eagle

University of Mississippi officials and others celebrated a milestone in the construction of the emerging Jim and Thomas Duff Center for Science and Technology Innovation during a topping-out ceremony Thursday (June 23) on campus. Touting the economic and academic implications of 202,000-square-foot science, technology, engineering and mathematics building, Chancellor Glenn Boyce was among some 100 … Read more

Make Your Mark – News

Every site starts with an idea. WordPress Starter is a new, beautifully pared-back plan designed to put that idea center stage. For just $ 5 / month. Like the WordPress Pro plan (more on that below), WordPress Starter brings you the fastest WordPress managed hosting on the planet. Unlimited site traffic. And a revolutionary price. … Read more

Scientists give Earth a 50-50 chance of hitting key warming mark by 2026 : NPR

A man and a boy walk across the almost dried up bed of river Yamuna following hot weather in New Delhi, India, May 2, 2022. Manish Swarup / AP hide caption toggle caption Manish Swarup / AP A man and a boy walk across the almost dried up bed of river Yamuna following hot weather … Read more

Monstrous “Claw Mark” Scratches on the Surface of Mars

This image from ESA’s Mars Express shows part of a large fault system on Mars known as Tantalus Fossae. This image comprises data gathered by Mars Express’ High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on July 19, 2021. It was created using data from the nadir channel, the field of view aligned perpendicular to the surface of … Read more

Mark Loewen: ‘Dinosaurs are still the kings of the world’ | Science & Tech

University of Utah paleontology professor Mark Loewen has been part of in the cataloging of 13 new dinosaurs. A specialist in Jurassic and Cretaceous dinosaurs, he forms part of the scientific team at the Utah Museum of Natural History. This April, he came to the Granada Science Park to talk about dinosaurs, the “predominant predators … Read more

NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei reflects on record 355 days in space

Mark Vande Hei is happy having spent almost a year in space. A NASA astronaut, Vande Hei returned from a 355-day stay on the International Space Station on March 30. A week later, he made his first public comments about the experience (opens in new tab)taking part in a press conference at the Johnson Space … Read more

Even Mild Cases of COVID-19 Can Leave a Mark on the Brain, Such As Reductions in Gray Matter

A new brain-imaging study finds that participants who had even mild COVID-19 showed an average reduction in whole brain sizes. Researchers have been steadily gathering important insights into the effects of[{” attribute=””>COVID-19 on the body and brain. Two years into the pandemic, these findings are raising concerns about the long-term impacts the coronavirus might have … Read more

The science is in: wearing shoes inside your home is just plain gross | Mark Patrick Taylor and Gabriel Filippelli for the Conversation

You probably clean your shoes if you step in something muddy or disgusting (please pick up after your dog!). But when you get home, do you always de-shoe at the door? Plenty of Australians do not. For many, what you drag in on the bottom of your shoes is the last thing on the mind … Read more

NASA Astronaut Mark Vande Hei Breaks American Spaceflight Record

Aboard the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei squeezes in time to unwind with a book. Vande Hei made it into record books on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, breaking the record for the most consecutive days in space by an American explorer. Credit: NASA / ESA / T. Pesquet Vande Hei made it … Read more

NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei breaks record for longest US spaceflight

When NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei launched into space 11 months ago, he did not know how long he would be off the planet, let alone that he would be up there long enough to set any records. But when the clock strikes 12:24 pm EDT (1624 GMT) today (March 15), Vande Hei will claim … Read more