Cold-Blooded Animals May Hold the Key to Long Life. A Huge Study Just Tried to Find It

A new published and incredibly thorough study of ectothermic tetrapods – reptiles and amphibians – gives experts a fresh insight into the reasons why cold-blooded animals tend to have such long lifespans in relation to their size. It’s the most comprehensive study of longevity and aging ever published: 114 different scientists looking at 107 different … Read more

News at a glance: An apology for ‘conversion therapies,’ Long Covid, and a narrowing racial gap in NIH grants | Science

DIVERSITY Groups regret ‘homosexuality’ views Two scientific societies this month disavowed their past involvement in practices and public statements that deemed “homosexuality” a treatable disorder — a mistaken notion that has harmed LGBTQI + people. Decades ago, some members and former presidents of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies helped create, study, and use … Read more

Ancient Giraffe Family Developed Long Neck for Fighting

The ancient bones of a distant ancestor of the modern giraffe are offering scientists evidence about why the animal’s long neck developed. Scientists say these fossils, which were discovered in China, suggest a long neck was helpful for competitions between males. Researchers recently described the fossils including a thick skull, or bones of the head, … Read more

Long Covid is a ‘national crisis.’ So why are grants taking so long to get? | Science

David Putrino, a neurophysiologist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, labored through his holiday last Christmas to write a grant application for urgently needed Long Covid research. With colleagues, he hoped to tap into $ 1.15 billion in funding that Congress granted the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 2020, as Long … Read more

Ancient ‘Swiss Army Knives’ Suggest Early Humans Were Social Across Long Distances

Humans are the only species to live in every environmental niche in the world – from the ice sheets to the deserts, rainforests to savannahs. As individuals we are rather puny, but when we are socially connected, we are the most dominant species on the planet. New evidence from stone tools in southern Africa shows … Read more

Sato Academy of Mathematics and Science • Long Beach Post News

Principal Veronica Coleman and former school board member Doug Otto congratulated the students and handed out diplomas. Student speakers included ASB President Jaymie Grace Simon Baluyot, ASB Vice President Nicole Victoria Capcha, Roktima Godhuli and Kenneth Dinh-Hien Le. It was the second ceremony in a busy graduation season for Long Beach Unified that continues through … Read more

What seniors need to know about long COVID

This article was originally featured on Kaiser Health News. Older adults who have survived covid-19 are more likely than younger patients to have persistent symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness, muscle aches, heart palpitations, headaches, joint pain, and difficulty with memory and concentration — problems linked to long covid. But it can be hard to distinguish … Read more

Can’t rely on hydropower in long run, says NDMA in report examining Chamoli disaster

New Delhi: The government may need to pursue alternative sources of energy in the long run instead of relying on hydropower from Uttarakhand, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has said in a report investigating the aftermath of the 2021 Chamoli disaster. In February 2021, a devastating flood, caused by a rock and ice avalanche, … Read more