Is science fiction our new reality thanks to humanoids?

A robot apocalypse may be sooner than we think. Elon Musk, the king of artificial intelligence, said he will unveil a new humanoid called the Tesla Bot by the end of the year. Earlier this month, Musk said on Twitter that Tesla’s AI Day had been pushed up to Sept. 30, as the company may … Read more

MIT Engineers Boost Signals From Fluorescent Sensors – Offering Unique Glimpse Inside Living Cells

MIT engineers found a way to dramatically improve the signal emitted by fluorescing nanosenors. The researchers showed they could implant sensors as deep as 5.5 centimeters in tissue and still get a strong signal. Credit: Courtesy of the researchers and edited by MIT News Engineering advance allows particles to be placed deeper within biological tissue, … Read more

A Sign of SIDS Risk

Air Date: Week of June 24, 2022 stream / download this segment as an MP3 file An infant sleeping on its back, following the recommendations of the Safe to Sleep campaign to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. (Photo: Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), Flickr, CC … Read more

Largest-Ever Family Tree for Primates – Including Both Living and Extinct Species

A comprehensive family tree for primates has been created that covers more than 900 species. Fossil-based compilation reveals new information on the evolution and spread of primates. The largest and most comprehensive family tree of the order primates, including both living and extinct species, has been assembled by researchers at the University of Chicago and … Read more

Romania’s Enigmatic Trovants: Living Rocks That Grow and Move!

Roughly six million years ago, paleo-earthquakes created a type of geological phenomenon called trovants. They are also known as the stones of Costesti, after their most famous location in Romania, or the “living stones.” Romania’s rare trovants were formed under highly complex circumstances involving seismic shifts, sand sediment in rivers and rain, and lots of … Read more

At Least Some Dinosaurs Had Belly Buttons, Exquisite Fossil Just Revealed

The oldest ‘belly button’ known to science has been found on an exquisitely preserved horned dinosaur fossil from China. The slit-like scar comes not from an umbilical cord, as it does in mammals, but from the yolk sac of the egg-laying creature that lived about 130 million years ago. Today, many living snakes and birds … Read more

Scientists Have Developed ‘Living’ Skin For Robots, And It’s Quite Something

From Talos, the giant bronze automaton who guarded the princess Europa in ancient Greek myths, to Cylons and Terminators, the idea of ​​artificial humans has both fascinated and creeped us out for centuries. Now, we’re closer than ever to making a robot look remarkably like a human, with the development of living robot skin. This … Read more

Scientists make ‘slightly sweaty’ robot finger with living skin | Science

Japanese scientists have developed a “slightly sweaty” robotic finger covered in living skin in an advance they say brings truly human-like robots a step closer. The finger, which was shown to be able to heal itself, is seen as an impressive technical feat that blurs the line between living flesh and machine. But scientists were … Read more

This Animal May Have Helped Drive The Fearsome Megalodon to Extinction

Megalodon. The very name conjures awe: A giant shark that once dominated the world oceans, big enough to swallow a human whole. Such a beast – known only from teeth and vertebrae that survived the 3.6 million years since it went extinct – must have been fearsome indeed. It was one of the largest carnivores … Read more