Life Helps Make Almost Half of All Minerals on Earth – Nautilus

Explore The impact of Earth’s geology on life is easy to see, with organisms adapting to environments as different as deserts, mountains, forests, and oceans. The full impact of life on geology, however, can be easy to miss. A comprehensive new survey of our planet’s minerals now corrects that omission. Among its findings is evidence … Read more

Glaciers Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death for Salmon During Heatwaves

Glaciers Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death for Salmon During Heatwaves As climate change continues to worsen, heatwaves like the one that killed hundreds of people as it rolled across the Pacific Northwest last summer have become more common and more extreme. These heatwaves can lead to mass die-offs of fish in streams … Read more

NASA’s Curiosity takes inventory of key life

Scientists using data from NASA’s Curiosity rover measured the total organic carbon – a key component in the molecules of life – in Martian rocks for the first time. “Total organic carbon is one of several measurements [or indices] that helps us understand how much material is available as feedstock for prebiotic chemistry and potentially … Read more

Long-Term Liquid Water – Required for Life – Could Exist on Planets That Are Very Different From Earth

Low-mass planets with a primordial atmosphere of hydrogen and helium might have the temperatures and pressures that allow water in the liquid phase. The presence of liquid water is favorable for life, so that these planets potentially harbor exotic habitats for billions of years. Credit: © (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) – Thibaut Roger – University of … Read more

NASA Rockets Launch From Australia To Seek Star Conditions That Support Extraterrestrial Life

NASA is set to launch two more sounding rockets from northern Australia during the first half of July. These missions will help astronomers understand how starlight influences a planet’s atmosphere, possibly making or breaking its ability to support life as we know it.

‘It’s huge news for us:’ Life science company plans $430M investment, 200 jobs in Muskegon area

MUSKEGON, MI – A global life sciences company plans to breathe new life into a shuttered chemical factory in Muskegon Township with an estimated $ 430 million investment in the facility and as many as 200 new jobs. Global Life Sciences Solutions USA is expected to purchase the former Bayer CropScience facility at 1740 Whitehall … Read more

These macro images bring endangered insects to life

The Lord Howe Island stick insect might look more lobster than bug. Nicknamed the “land lobster,” this critter can grow up to seven inches long and gleams like polished obsidian among tree trunks and twigs, blending into the forest environment. For decades, Lord Howe Island, a small volcanic isle just northeast of Sydney, Australia, was … Read more

Rock samples from NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover contain key ingredient for life

Martian rock samples collected by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover show signs of key ingredients for life as we know it on Earth. The venerable Curiosity Rover drilled samples from Gale crater, the site of an ancient lake on Mars. Using these samples, scientists were able, for the first time, to measure the total amount of … Read more

Barings Acquires Bay Area Life Science Portfolio

The portfolio, fully Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant, contains ideal life science building characteristics, including clear heights of over 20 ft., A minimum of 2,000 amps of power, abundant dock-high and at-grade doors, and 3.4x parking ratios. Each of the three buildings offers between 50,000 and 100,000 rentable square feet with a first floor designed … Read more