AI for Science – Early Lessons from NERSC’s Perlmutter Supercomputer

Roughly a year ago the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) launched Perlmutter, which was hailed at the time as the “world fastest AI supercomputer” by Nvidia whose GPUs provide much of Perlmutter’s power. Since then, NERSC has been aggressively ramping up its mixed AI-HPC workload capability – software, early science apps, AI tools, … Read more

Science lessons: Vigo third-graders take part in hands-on activities, in nature, at Dewey Point | Local News

Kyleigh DeVanis was so excited about Kids Science Day at Dewey Point, she could barely sleep the night before. The Tuesday event did not disappoint the Sugar Creek Consolidated third-grader. She learned about bees and pollination, rolled down a tarp-covered hill, walked the pedestrian walkway, hopped like a frog and used a spotting telescope to … Read more

Metairie STEM hub gets science teachers inspired and equipped for hands-on lab lessons, all for free | Entertainment/Life

Arielle Hunter can not even begin to describe the challenges of being a high school science teacher. “This is one of the only jobs that you have to prepare for the workday. And then you leave that workday with work to grade, and then you have to prepare for the next day, ”said Hunter, the … Read more

For art students, Peabody specimens offer lessons in color and truth

Larry Gall pulls out a glass-covered case containing a dozen blue morpho butterflies. He rocks the box back and forth to illustrate how the butterflies shimmer. The Yale students who’ve gathered around him all pull out their phones to snap photos. In nature, he tells the group, color can come from pigments that absorb light … Read more

Geology lessons and games for kids

In Rumney, New Hampshire, I got stuck in a cave. The tunnel had narrowed and I was wearing a backpack — an ill-advised accessory when squirming through crannies. Meanwhile, my 7-year-old daughter was zipping ahead, undeterred by small spaces and location names like The Bear’s Den. “What’s the problem?” she shouted, while I tried to … Read more

1 ‘Oppenheimer’ Star Refused Science Lessons While Preparing for the Atom Bomb Drama

In Christopher Nolan’s upcoming J. Robert Oppenheimer biopic, Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy steps into the role of the titular theoretical physicist. And while Oppenheimer’s world-changing scientific work is at the center of the movie’s story, Murphy admitted he isn’t taking any science lessons to prepare for the part. ‘Oppenheimer’ tells the story of the father of … Read more

Lessons from the past: The Triassic mass extinction

The paleogeographic location and scope of CAMP are based on the work of Marzoli et al. The mass extinction of the Triassic (ETME), one of the largest extinctions of Phanerozoic, is commonly attributed to climate change associated with the deposition of basaltic flows from the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) during the initial splitting of … Read more