NIH launches grant program aimed at closing the funding rate gap between Black and white investigators | Science

After having one idea batted down last year, some National Institutes of Health (NIH) institutes are taking a new tack to bolster the success rate of Black scientists and researchers from other underrepresented groups seeking research grants. A program aiming to diversify the NIH workforce could award up to $ 20 million a year to … Read more

Investigators Discover Key Parkinson’s Disease Protein “Toggle Switch”

A graphic depicts the “two faces of alpha-synuclein” and the transition from normal states (upper, organized molecular machines on a well-defined grid) to pathologic states in which there is membrane disruption, altered protein interactions, and localization (lower, chaotic, disrupted machines, darker tone). Credit: Artwork by Gergana Petrova Researchers have uncovered a new function for alpha-synuclein, … Read more

New Factors That Can Predict Breast Cancer Recurrence Identified by Investigators

The discovery of genetics and other factors that can determine if a woman is at risk for a recurrence of breast cancer has the potential to benefit treatment choices. Discovery Has the Potential To Also Benefit Treatment Choices Investigators at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center have uncovered genetics and other factors that can predict if … Read more

Investigators uncover small molecule to engineer intestinal cell types – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Investigators at the Brigham and the Broad Institute have created specialized, tissue-like structures in the laboratory to model barrier tissues, such as the intestines, to identify new targets for treatment. Barrier tissues are exposed to substances from the outside world but serve as a layer of protection. Over the years, researchers have developed more sophisticated, … Read more

Investigators receive the Cullen Education and Research Fund (CERF) Medical Engineering Prize for ALS research – BIOENGINEER.ORG

The Cullen Foundation for Education and Research (CERF) has announced the winners of the first CERF Award for Medical Engineering for ALS Research: Dr. Lee Hohberg, Dr. Conor Walsh, and Dr. Sabrina Paganoni. Their BrainGate + SoftRobotics team at Brown University, Harvard University, and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is developing a series of technologies designed … Read more