RCMP investigating Canadian oil company ReconAfrica after complaints of alleged corruption and fraud

According to the Canadians interviewed by the RCMP, the probe seems focused on two issues: ReconAfrica’s ties to politically connected figures in Namibia and the company’s stock promotion activities.John Grobler/The Globe and Mail The RCMP have launched an investigation into a Canadian oil company that is drilling exploration wells near the ecologically sensitive Okavango River … Read more

NASA’s Voyager 1 Spacecraft Mystery: Engineers Investigating Telemetry Data

The engineering team for NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft is trying to solve a mystery: The interstellar explorer, which is currently over 14 billion miles from Earth, appears to be functioning normally, receiving and executing commands from Earth, along with gathering and returning science data. But readouts from the probe’s attitude articulation and control system (AACS) … Read more

Investigating Cancer Drug Toxicity Leads to Critical Discovery

3D rendition of T cells attacking cancer cells. Credit: La Jolla Institute for Immunology Researchers uncover a new strategy to avoid cancer immunotherapy side effects. It’s not often that a failed clinical trial leads to a scientific breakthrough. When patients in the UK started experiencing negative side effects during a cancer immunotherapy trial, researchers at … Read more