Insights into sediment flow processes can help to better understand the feasibility of turbidite as an earthquake indicator in a specific subaqueous environment

We investigated homogeneous muds, turbidites, and debris that were preserved in a 457-m deep ICDP drilling (220-0 ka) from the Dead Sea depocenter. Based on previous flash flood measuring, surface plume monitoring, and sediment traps monitoring in the lake center, we link homogeneous muds in the deep core to overflows, and link turbidites and debris … Read more

Hospital mascot, not Disney rabbit, floats on Ax-1 mission as zero-g indicator

A long-eared toy dog ​​was briefly mistaken for a famous Disney rabbit on Friday (April 8) when it was revealed as the “zero-g indicator” aboard the first private mission to visit the International Space Station. “Caramel,” the mascot (opens in new tab) for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, was seen floating inside SpaceX’s Crew Dragon … Read more