Yale Research Identifies Causes of Cancer

Illustration of human cancer cells. A team of researchers led by[{” attribute=””>Yale University scientists can now quantify the factors causing changes in the DNA that contribute most to cancer growth in tumors of most major tumor types. In a new paper published in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution, they say that their new molecular … Read more

Huge Study Identifies The ‘Optimal’ Amount of Sleep From Middle Age Onwards

Sleep – a lot like eating food – is one of those things we need to live, but seemingly there are plenty of ways to do it wrong. A new study has weighed into the debate. Looking at UK Biobank data from almost 500,000 adults, researchers conclude that seven hours of sleep per night is … Read more


VANCOUVER, BC, April 7, 2022 / CNW / – Metallis Resources Inc. (TSX-V: MTS) (OTCQB: MTLFF) (FSE: 0CVM) (the “Company” or “Metallis”) reports initial results from its 2021 property-wide Z-Axis Tipper Electromagnetic Survey (“ZTEM” or “the Survey “) at its 100% -owned Kirkham Property (the” Property “). The Property is situated in the prolific Eskay … Read more

Insilico Medicine identifies potential dual-purpose therapeutic targets implicated in aging and age-associated diseases using Artificial Intelligence and hallmarks of aging framework

March 29, 2022, New York – Insilico Medicine, a clinical stage end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI) -driven drug discovery company, today announced that it has created a unique approach to identifying potential dual-purpose therapeutic targets for aging and age-associated diseases with PandaOmics, its proprietary AI-enabled biological target discovery platform. The research supporting this approach was published … Read more

New Screening Tool Identifies 95% of Stage 1 Pancreatic Cancer

UC San Diego study detects tell-tale proteins released into circulation by cancer cells. A novel screening platform has flagged more than 95 percent of stage 1 cancers, according to a pilot study published in Nature Communications Medicine. If validated by future studies, the approach offers a new way to detect the third-leading cause of US … Read more

New Study Identifies Critical Genes That Cause Coronary Heart Disease and Trigger Heart Attacks

The results pave the way for a whole new field of targeted therapies for those at risk of coronary heart disease. The most critical genes that cause coronary heart disease and trigger heart attacks have been identified in a major new study. The research, from a team at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, the … Read more

Archaeologist Identifies a Lost Timekeeping System in The Stones of Stonehenge

We stick calendars on the wall or load them up on our phones, but the people of the third millennium BCE used giant rocks, new research suggests. A new study explains how Stonehenge may have originally been used to keep track of a solar year (aka tropical year) of 365 and a quarter days, which … Read more

Study identifies key regulator of cell differentiation – BIOENGINEER.ORG

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. – Embryonic stem cells and other pluripotent cells divide rapidly and have the capacity to become almost any cell type in the body. Scientists have long sought to understand the signals that prompt stem cells to switch off pluripotency and adopt their final functional state. Credit: Photo by L. Brian Stauffer CHAMPAIGN, Ill. … Read more

Large Review Identifies Common Household Things That Can Make Your Asthma Worse

One in every nine people in Australia has asthma. It is a health burden for many children, and expensive for families because of medication, hospital and out-of-hospital expenses. The pandemic has added further stress and extra testing measures to check respiratory symptoms. COVID infection can co-exist with asthma and, although research shows allergic asthma does … Read more

UN report identifies looming environmental threats – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Wildfires are burning more severely and more often, urban noise pollution is growing into a global public health menace, and phenological mismatches – disruptions in the timing of life-cycle stages in natural systems – are causing ecological consequences. These critical environmental issues, requiring greater attention, are highlighted in the new Frontiers Report published today by … Read more