Iceland: Alarm sounded over ‘beautiful but deadly’ black sand beach and sneaker waves

Iceland’s most famous black sand beach is a lure for international visitors, but a combination of geology and the raw power of the ocean make it a deadly attraction. The black sands and roaring waves of Reynisfjara beach are among the main attractions along the scenic south coast of Iceland. It’s known for its haunting … Read more

In Iceland, a Volcanic Eruption Brings Researchers Closer to Earth’s Core

What do you do when a volcano erupts for the first time in centuries? For many people on the southern peninsula in Iceland, when the Fagradalsfjall volcano went off in 2021 after 781 years of dormancy, the answer was to take pictures. As the eruption continued over the course of six months, tourists and locals … Read more

My own private Iceland | Icy Seas

Reading Halldor Laxness’ epic novel “Independent People,” I am in Iceland for the last 10 days. I re-discovered this author after the New Yorker reviewed the author and his works last week. This book is set in Iceland from the early 1900s to the mid 1920s. Sheep, starvation, and spirits evil and otherwise all play … Read more

Baldwin Wallace University students study abroad in Iceland, Germany

BRUNSWICK, Ohio — Clay Kolke and Mike Ackerman were among 23 students who participated in Baldwin Wallace University’s faculty-led study abroad program in Iceland during the spring 2022 semester. Kolke is a graduate of Medina High School majoring in environmental science and physics. Ackerman, a graduate of Brunswick High School, completed a geology seminar and … Read more

Iceland emerging as popular practice site for moon and Mars exploration

Iceland is an increasingly popular testing zone for spacesuits, habitats and off-world vehicles. Why is this, and what can such research contribute to humanity’s quest to put boots back on the moon and set up a crewed outpost on Mars? Embarking upon the future of off-planet exploration is the Iceland Space Agency, a privately organized … Read more

“Blue Blob” Near Iceland Could Slow Glacial Melting Until 2050

A recent slowdown in the melting of Iceland’s glaciers is likely caused by a patch of unusually cold water in the North Atlantic Ocean, according to a new study published in the AGU journal Geophysical Research Letters. Credit: Finnur Pálsson Chilly seawater may slow ice loss on the island until 2050, then warming and melting … Read more