A visit to the Natural History Museum – The Nature of Cities

Museums and collections surely served to materialize the appropriation of history, englobed within Britannia’s magnanimous fold. One almost expects Tarzan to come swinging from the roof trusses, the archetypical English gentleman who whitewashes the colonial-industrial complex with the image of unsullied nature. At the end of November 2021, spending a few days in London, I … Read more

Pitt researchers pulled 700,000 years of glacial history from an Andean lakebed

When Mark Abbott and his team pulled a 300-foot-long core of mud from a lakebed high in the Peruvian Andes, he hoped it might provide a long-sought-after glimpse of the past 160,000 years of climate change. Instead, the researchers revealed July 13 in the journal Nature, that the lakebed recorded the ebb and flow of … Read more

Relive History Through This Five-Day Stagecoach Tour of Yellowstone’s Iconic Hotels and Geological Features

Trace the original route of the park’s stagecoach tours to visit iconic hotels and geological features The introduction of the train at Yellowstone National Park prefaced the increase in visitors to America’s first national park, which is celebrating 150 years in 2022. The opening of the Gardiner, Montana, train station in 1902 near the North … Read more

115 Meteorites Land at the Field Museum, Offering a Peek at the History of the Solar System | Chicago News

A sampling of the fossilized meteorites, preserved in limestone that was quarried in Sweden. (Patty Wetley/WTTW News) Monday was like Christmas in July at the Field Museum, where staff opened crates recently arrived from Sweden, full of cargo that the word “precious” doesn’t begin to describe. As they freed each package from protective layers of … Read more

Well-Preserved, 30,000-Year-Old Baby Woolly Mammoth Emerges From Yukon Permafrost | History

The trunk, ears and tail of this baby woolly mammoth, named Nun cho gaare almost perfectly preserved. Government of Yukon On a drizzly June morning, Travis Mudry, a miner working in the Klondike goldfields of Canada’s Yukon territory, cut into a wall of permafrost, or permanently frozen earth. To reach the gold deposits hidden in … Read more

What Can Crater-Counting on Mars Tell Us About Its History? ‹ Literary Hub

Back in the 18th century, when geology was becoming a proper, systematic science, one of the early breakthroughs was the insight provided by the law of superposition. Simply put, this is the idea that younger rocks lie on top of older rocks. Following that observation, we discovered that we could order our own geology in … Read more

St. Croix Co. Dairy with manure spill history reaches $65k settlement for 2019 fish kill

The Emerald Sky Dairy in the Town of Emerald in St. Croix County reached a settlement with the Wisconsin Department of Justice last month for discharging manure into a creek in November 2019, the DOJ announced last week. The settlement will require the dairy to pay $65,000 to resolve violations related to the manure discharge. … Read more

Up to 80% of Athletes Who Die Suddenly Had No Symptoms or Family History of Heart Disease

New recommendations published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology describe how to use genetic testing to prevent sudden cardiac death in athletes and enable safe exercise. Recommendations on how to use gene testing to prevent sudden cardiac death in athletes and enable safe exercise were published on June 16, 2022, in the European Journal … Read more

Natural Things: Notes from a Natural History Museum | News

Streams of running water have been important to people as far back as we can tell. The ancient Greeks named diverse Naiads who presided over the supernatural aspects of streams. Closer to home, the Spanish colonial recognized the importance of streams. Many of the Mexican land grants that were issued to colonists before 1836 referred … Read more

UBCO prof digs into geological history of rocks atop Everest

New research from Dr. Kyle Larson’s lab has been able to pinpoint a timeline of when the rocks atop the summit pyramid of Mount Everest were deformed as part of the growth of the Himalayas. Photo credit: Kyle Larson. It’s been a topic of debate among geologists for years — when did the deformation of … Read more