The Cryptocurrency Crash Is Great News For The Rest of The World. Here’s Why

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were meant to be used as digital cash. Instead, they’ve become popular as speculative investments. As well as being resource-intensive and inherently wasteful, cryptocurrencies are also incredibly volatile. Prices for the largest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have both dropped by over 55 percent in six months, leading some to suggest that regulation … Read more

Want to see the Super Flower Blood Moon? Here’s one scientist’s tips for the total lunar eclipse.

A lunar scientist shared the science behind why the Super Flower Blood Moon lunar eclipse turns red, and what to expect for the epic sky event. On Sunday (May 15), the moon will pass into the deep umbral shadow of the Earth in a band of visibility across the Americas, Antarctica, Europe, Africa and the … Read more

The ‘doorway’ seen on Mars is not for aliens. Here’s how it really formed.

The Mars Curiosity rover’s Mast camera snapped this intriguing image of the Red Planet, showing a “doorway” structure, on May 7, 2022, or Sol 3466 in Martian days. (Image credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS) No, this is NOT a doorway for Martians. Although the internet was disrupted on Thursday after a photograph from NASA’s … Read more

There’s a Total Lunar Eclipse This Weekend! Here’s Your Complete Guide

The first eclipse season of 2022 reaches its climax this coming weekend, with a fine total lunar eclipse transpiring on Sunday night into Monday morning. All of South America and most of North America will see the eclipse in its entirety, while Alaska and western Canada will see totality underway at moonrise, and western Europe … Read more

The 1st photo of the Milky Way’s monster black hole has scientists over the moon. Here’s why.

For decades, astronomers have wondered what’s at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy. Today, scientists unveiled the first-ever photo of the supermassive black hole that lurks there, offering a completely new view of our home galaxy. The historic image of what scientists call Sagittarius A *, captured by a worldwide telescope array called the … Read more

Australia’s future depends on science. Here’s what our next government needs to do about it

The longer you live through a crisis, the less likely you are to fully appreciate that you are in one. This is especially true if there is more than one crisis, and they overlap. In Australia, we’ve experienced several in the past few years: bushfires and floods turbo-charged by climate change, and an enduring pandemic. … Read more

What’s the difference between a pothole and a sinkhole? Here’s what geologists say | Traffic

New Orleans has a long history with potholes and sinkholes. The main difference between the two is that sinkholes start under the surface while potholes start on the surface. Potholes are typically caused by a failure of paving materials and are found in roads and parking lots, according to the US Geological Survey. Potholes come … Read more

New Eye Drops Improve Aging Vision Without Glasses. Here’s How They Work

When people get into their 40s and beyond, their close-up vision starts to worsen. For many people, cranking up the font size on a phone or maxing out the brightness on a computer is the only way to be able to read some text. This condition is known as presbyopia, and it affects around 128 … Read more