Extra-Ordinary Heat Wave | Open Mind

The heatwave which invaded England recently was no ordinary one. At numerous locations the temperature exceeded 40°C (104°F) which, as far as we know, has never happened before in the British Isles. England definitely isn’t prepared for such temperatures, as Melissa Harrison makes abundantly clear in the Washington Post; an airport closed when the runway … Read more

The Heat Just Goes On and On and…

Some 35 million people in the US have been under heat alerts today, and what’s been described as a “heat apocalypse” is unfolding in Europe. With that in mind, the latest monthly climate analyzes probably won’t seem terribly novel. According to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, last month tied for second warmest June in … Read more

Bolstering Plant Immunity Against the Heat

Global warming weakens certain plant defenses and makes plants more prone to infections. New research helps explain why, and how to help them fight back. (Pictured: Corresponding author Sheng-Yang He.) Credit: Michigan State University Climate change is making plants more susceptible to disease. New research could help them fight back. When heat waves strike, they … Read more

Common signs of heat stroke and exhaustion you need to know

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Heat can be deadly. As summer temperatures rise — and as climate change contributes to more 100-degree days each year — heat illnesses become a more serious risk, particularly for young children, older adults, outdoor workers, athletes and people with chronic conditions. “On any day with extreme heat, emergency rooms in … Read more

How Can We Make Heat Waves Less Deadly?

How Can We Make Heat Waves Less Deadly? Maximum temperatures across the United States for June 14, 2022. White and gray indicate temperatures in the triple digits. Image: Pivotal Weather, based on data from the National Weather Service. For journalists: A list of heat wave experts at Columbia Climate School. This summer is coming in … Read more

Even After Emissions Are Reduced, We’ll Still Have to Contend With ‘Committed Warming’

By now, few people question the reality that humans are altering Earth’s climate. The real question is: How quickly can we halt, even reverse, the damage? Part of the answer to this question lies in the concept of ‘committed warming,’ also known as ‘pipeline warming.’ It refers to future increases in global temperatures that will … Read more

Women Often ‘Feel The Cold’ More Than Men. This Could Be Why

We all have different preferences for when it’s the right time to bring out the winter blankets. And the thermostat’s setting often forms the basis of office arguments between women and men regarding the “correct” temperature for it to be set. Between the sexes, there are always more similarities than differences. But research does consistently … Read more