Deciding to Read This Article Isn’t The Result of Gravity Crushing Your Quantum Spirit

A few years ago, deep beneath the Apennine Mountains in Italy, a team of physicists hunted for flashes of light that just might suggest human consciousness is the product of gravitational forces. The fact they came up empty-handed does not mean we’re all meat computers with no free will; it does make the quest for … Read more

Why You Find It So Hard to Sell Your Used Car

What is it? The endowment effect describes our tendency to overvalue the goods in our endowment – our possessions – just because they are ours. The seminal study The term “endowment effect” was coined by Nobel Prize-winning economist Richard Thaler in 1980,[1] but the most well-known experiment was carried out by Thaler and two colleagues, … Read more

It’s hard to ignore some facts about the largest hog Confined Animal Feed Operation in Wisconsin

After the so-called Roth II hog factory in the town of Marietta, Crawford County, was awarded a Wisconsin Pollution Elimination Discharge Permit by the Department of Natural Resources, Forest Jahnke, a longtime opponent of such giant operations told me, “To me, it says a CAFO of any type and size can be sited anywhere in … Read more