Pioneering climate change research reveals long-term global carbon cycle impacts

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A new study in Nature Geoscience, co-authored by Dr. Heather Ford from Queen Mary’s School of Geography, uses a unique research model to illustrate how past geological periods can help us understand future climate changes. As research uncovers more about Earth’s distant history, going back millions of years before human life, … Read more

Global and Regional Geology and Mine Planning Software Market Research 2021 Report

The recent study report on Geology and Mine Planning Software market aims to provide an end-to-end analysis of this industry vertical with respect to drivers, challenges, opportunities that will influence the business growth in coming years. Furthermore, the report elaborates the industry segmentation in great length to uncover the top growth prospects … Read more

Industrial boom’s impact on global warming — ScienceDaily

The early 1900s were an exciting time across the world, with rapid advances in the steel, electric and automobile industries. The industrial changes also mark an inflection point in our climate. According to an international team of researchers led by the University of South Florida (USF), the sea level has risen 18 centimeters since the … Read more

Global Geology and Mine Planning Software Market 2022 Rising Wave of New Technologies – Key Players as Dassault Systemes (GEOVIA), Maptek (Vulcan), Datamine (MineScape), Hexagon Mining (HxGN MinePlan) issued a study on the Global Geology and Mine Planning Software Market from 2022 to 2028. The Geology and Mine Planning Software industry is currently in focus due to a large amount of ongoing investments in the industry. Manufacturers and raw material suppliers from different locations are trying to become a part of this … Read more

Global Geological Compass Market Regional Demand |Countries Data 2022-2029

The detailed analysis of the global Geological Compass market delivers key insights on the changing industry dynamics, value chain analysis, leading investment pockets, competitive scenarios, regional landscape, and crucial segments. It also offers an extensive inspection related to the driving and restraining ingredients for the global Geological Compass market. Additionally, it explains the superior data … Read more

Stretching of the continents drove ancient global warming event, say scientists — ScienceDaily

Scientists at the University of Southampton have discovered that stretching of the continents is likely to have caused one of the most extreme and abrupt episodes of global warming in Earth history. The researchers, working with colleagues at the University of Edinburgh, the University of Leeds, the University of Oldenburg, the University of Florence and … Read more

Hidden carbon layer may have sparked ancient bout of global warming | Science

There is no perfect parallel in Earth’s past for present-day climate change — human-driven warming is simply happening too fast and furiously. The closest analog came 56 million years ago, when over the course of 3000 to 5000 years, greenhouse gases soared in the atmosphere, causing at least 5 ° C of warming and pushing … Read more

Faculty experts explain the study of global tea culture and science

June 21, 2022 – From Turkey to Japan to many other countries, tea is a valuable product grown all over the world. Although true tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, its sensitivity to its surrounding environment leads to many varieties. Currently, tea research is largely under the radar, which is why the UC Davis … Read more

Sr. Global Data Science Manager

Who we are Population Services International (PSI) is the world leading non-profit social marketing organization. We are a diverse group of over 5,000 entrepreneurial development professionals located in over 40 countries committed to making it easier for all people to lead healthier lives and plan the families they desire. PSI is using its global presence … Read more