Environmental watchdogs petition DCNR to remove access fee on oil & gas well database

Environmental activists are calling on a state agency to eliminate access fees for a database containing detailed information about orphaned and abandoned oil and gas wells across the commonwealth that they believe Pennsylvania taxpayers should have access to free of charge. Oil & gas well watchdogs are asking the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural … Read more

Oil, gas production activity likely cause of earthquakes

University of Texas researchers found that oil and gas production activities are the likely cause of increased earthquakes in West Texas and New Mexico, according to a recent study. The Delaware Basin, stretching through West Texas into New Mexico, is a region known for its oil and gas production. Before the study, researchers knew earthquakes … Read more

Oil and gas reservoirs are cheapest options for underground hydrogen storage – pv magazine Australia

New research from Ireland shows that depleted oil and gas reservoirs may be used to store hydrogen at a cost of US$1.29/kg (AU$1.9/kg). According to the researchers, underground hydrogen storage may benefit from the technological maturity of the geological storage of natural gas and CO2, which are associated with decades of established knowledge. July 19, … Read more

Pivoting on Greenhouse Gas Regulation

Pivoting on Greenhouse Gas Regulation As expected, in West Virginia v. EPA, the Supreme Court continued its radical right-wing and ideological effort to limit the regulatory authority of federal administrative agencies. This terrible decision among a series of terrible decisions is unfortunate but far from fatal to efforts to transition from fossil fuels to renewable … Read more

Lt. Governor Husted meets with oil and gas representatives | News, Sports, Jobs

Companies in the oil and gas industry met Thursday in Marietta with Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted to discuss issues and concerns. (Photo by Michele Newbanks) Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted was in Marietta Thursday for a roundtable discussion regarding the oil and gas industry. Held at Artex Oil Company, members … Read more

Beach Energy probes Limestone Coast potential amid ‘desperate need’ for local gas

An energy giant will assess future opportunities to explore gas in regional South Australia amid a “desperate” need for more local gas. Key points: Beach Energy to close headquarters and mothball gas plant on Limestone Coast with no activities in the pipeline Energy giant to use geological survey to target future gas reserves with more … Read more

Oil and gas activity linked to most recent ea

image: Researchers investigated the linkage between earthquakes and oil and gas production activities in the Delaware Basin of Texas and New Mexico. The graphic indicates how strongly seismicity is linked to hydraulic fracturing, shallow wastewater injection, and deep wastewater injection in different regions. The lower the p-value the higher the association confidence. In some cases, … Read more

Scientists measured the pollutants coming from gas stoves in Boston. They found dangerous chemicals.

The findings come at a time when a seemingly innocuous appliance — the kitchen stove — has come to represent a pressure point in the clean energy transition, as local initiatives from the Boston suburbs to Southern California aim to restrict the use of fossil fuels in new buildings. . The gas industry has heavily … Read more

Oil and Gas Activity Linked to Most Recent Earthquakes in West Texas

Since 2009, earthquakes have been rapidly rising in the Delaware Basin – a prolific oil-producing region in West Texas and New Mexico. According to a study led by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin, the majority of them can be linked to oil and gas production. The researchers looked back on data that … Read more