Voids Made by Dying Stars Have Been Detected in Our Galaxy’s Interstellar Gas

It often feels like when people die, they leave a void behind. In the case of massive stars, that happens to be physically true. A new analysis of the tenuous gas that drifts between the stars in the Milky Way galaxy has revealed the imprint of bubbles that expand into space when a massive star … Read more

Reading Between the Lines To Model Our Galaxy’s Supermassive Black Hole

Simulation of glowing gas around a black hole ‘Credit: Chris White, Princeton University Looks can be deceiving. The light from an incandescent bulb seems steady, but it actually flickers 120 times per second. Because the brain only perceives an average of the information it receives, this flickering is blurred and the perception of constant illumination … Read more

One of Our Galaxy’s Most Famous Explosions May Have Collided With Something

A new analysis of one of the most famous explosions in the cosmos has revealed a curious asymmetry. Part of the inner nebula of the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant is not, astronomers have found, expanding evenly. Something has caused a section of the cloud to move, not outwards with the rest of the material, but … Read more

Two black holes locked in cosmic dance near galaxy’s center are doomed to crash

Two huge black holes are locked together by gravity as they inevitably spiral towards a collision, researchers have found in a new study. Researchers in a new study have spotted two supermassive black holes that whip around each other every two Earth years, on average, with respective masses each of hundreds of millions of times … Read more

Scientists find nearly 1,000 mysterious strands in Milky Way galaxy’s turbulent center

Credit: Northwestern University. An unprecedented new telescope image of the Milky Way galaxy’s turbulent center has revealed nearly 1,000 mysterious strands, inexplicably dangling in space. Stretching up to 150 light years long, the one-dimensional strands (or filaments) are found in pairs and clusters, often stacked equally spaced, side by side like strings on a harp. … Read more