How black holes and galaxies play tug-of-war across the cosmos

Black holes and galaxies have a complicated relationship. Astronomers think nearly every galaxy hosts a giant black hole in its core. And while those black holes are truly massive – weighing millions, or even billions, of solar masses – they are tiny compared to their home galaxies, reaching less than 1% of the mass of … Read more

Early galaxies may be bigger and more complex than we thought

Credit: ALMA (ESO / NAOJ / NRAO), B. Saxton (NRAO / AUI / NSF). Scientists using the Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Array (ALMA) have observed a significant amount of cold, neutral gas in the outer regions of the young galaxy A1689-zD1, as well as outflows of hot gas coming from the galaxy’s center. These … Read more

Science breakthrough after trove of black holes discovered among dwarf galaxies | Science | News

First ever image of a black hole on the Milky Way revealed Dwarf galaxies are – as the name would suggest – small galaxies, made up of around 1,000 to several billion stars. This is compared to the Milky Way – our galaxy – which is made up of some 200 to 400 billion stars. … Read more

New Images Show The Dust in Nearby Galaxies, And You’ve Never Seen Them Like This

When we see pictures of galaxies outside the Milky Way, what we’re usually looking at is primarily the light of their stars. But stars are far from the only ingredient that makes up a galaxy. Think of stars as the chunks of vegetables in the galactic soup. The broth, then, in which they float, is … Read more

Rare rapid-fire fast radio burst reveals hot space between galaxies

The 500-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope, known as FAST, in Ghizou province, southwest China. Credit: Shami Chatterjee. A rare and persistent rapid-fire fast radio burst source – sending out an occasional and informative cosmic ping from more than 3.5 billion light years away – now helps to reveal the secrets of the broiling hot space … Read more

Mysterious Radio Structures Discovered Around The Brightest Quasar Ever Found

Astronomers have discovered two large, mysterious objects blasting out of the brightest black hole in the known Universe. Discovered in a 1959 survey of cosmic radio-wave sources, the supermassive black hole 3C 273 is a quasar – short for “quasi-stellar object”, because the light emitted by these behemoths is bright enough to be mistaken for … Read more

Hubble Captures Largest Near-Infrared Image To Find Universe’s Rarest Galaxies

Galaxies from the last 10 billion years witnessed in the 3D-DASH program, created using 3D-DASH / F160W and ACS-COSMOS / F814W imaging. Credit: Lamiya Mowla There is a patch of the sky known as the COSMOS field, a region rich with galaxies, that was chosen for the Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS) project. For the first … Read more

Dying Early Universe Galaxies Could Be Killed by Their Supermassive Black Holes

The Milky Way galaxy is not very active, as far as galaxies go. Every year, it produces around three to four Suns’ worth of new stars in the entirety of its spiral body, and stars of all ages can be found sprinkled throughout. But there are some galaxies even quieter – elliptical galaxies, for which … Read more

Supermassive Black Holes May Come From Comparatively Humble Beginnings, Says Study

We all know that a humongous black hole exists at the center of our galaxy. It’s called Sagittarius A * (Sgr A * for short) and it has the mass of 4 million suns. We got to see a radio image of it a few weeks back, showing its accretion disk. So, we know it’s … Read more

Astronomers find hidden trove of massive black holes in dwarf galaxies

Credit: NASA & ESA / Hubble, artistic conception of black hole with jet by M. Polimera. Scientists have found a previously overlooked treasure trove of massive black holes in dwarf galaxies. The newly discovered black holes offer a glimpse into the life story of the supermassive black hole at the center of our own Milky … Read more