Insights into sediment flow processes can help to better understand the feasibility of turbidite as an earthquake indicator in a specific subaqueous environment

We investigated homogeneous muds, turbidites, and debris that were preserved in a 457-m deep ICDP drilling (220-0 ka) from the Dead Sea depocenter. Based on previous flash flood measuring, surface plume monitoring, and sediment traps monitoring in the lake center, we link homogeneous muds in the deep core to overflows, and link turbidites and debris … Read more

Nanoparticles Control Flow of Light Like Road Signs Direct Traffic

An illustration of the ANU tiny slides. Credit: Ella Maru Studio Physicists at The[{” attribute=””>Australian National University (ANU) have developed tiny translucent slides capable of producing two very different images by manipulating the direction in which light travels through them. As light passes through the slide, an image of Australia can be seen, but when … Read more

Japan Is Dropping a Gargantuan Turbine Into The Ocean to Harness ‘Limitless’ Energy

Deep beneath the waves there’s a source of power quite unlike any other. To tap into it, Japanese engineers have constructed a true leviathan, a beast capable of withstanding the strongest of ocean currents to transform its flow into a virtually limitedless supply of electricity. Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries – now known simply as IHI Corporation … Read more

Narcissistic bosses stymie knowledge flow, cooperation inside organizations — ScienceDaily

Narcissism is a prominent trait among top executives, and most people have seen the evidence in their workplaces. These individuals believe they have superior confidence, intelligence and judgment, and will pursue any opportunity to reinforce those inflated self-views and gain admiration. According to new research from the University of Washington, narcissism can also cause knowledge … Read more

Feel Sick After Exercise? A Scientist Explains Why, And How to Prevent It

Many of us exercise to feel better. While some of us get “runners’ highs” after a workout, unfortunately some of us leave the gym feeling nauseous. Though this is usually only temporary, it can still be uncomfortable. Fortunately there are a few good explanations for why this may be happening – so if this happens … Read more

Scientists Just Found a Vast Aquifer of Ancient Seawater Below Antarctica

Beneath a fast-flowing ice stream in West Antarctica, scientists have discovered a vast aquifer brimming with seawater that’s likely been locked down there for thousands of years. This is the first time scientists have detected groundwater beneath an ice stream in Antarctica, and the discovery could reshape our understanding of how the frigid continent reacts … Read more

Scientists Say There’s a Formula For Getting ‘In The Zone’

Sometimes, you just feel like you’re more ‘on it’ than normal: you’re in the zone, you’re on the ball, you’re in the flow of whatever it is you’re doing at the time, whether it’s working late in the office or working out at the gym. Now scientists have come up with a mathematical formula that … Read more

Device directs sperm to ‘go against the flow’ to help infertility – BIOENGINEER.ORG

The female genital tract can be a hostile environment for conception. Out of about 100 million sperm, only a few hundred make it to the fallopian tubes. Guided by a directional movement called rheotaxis, sperm cells swim against the cervical mucus flow to reach the egg for fertilization. This journey, however, is even more critical … Read more

Sea Ice That Slowed the Flow of Antarctic Glaciers Abruptly Shatters in Just 3 Days

Remnants of the Larsen-B ice shelf, filled in with seasonal ice in January 2016. Until January 2022, sea ice helped to buttress the nearby glaciers, slowing their flow into the sea. Credit: OVERVIEW In just three days in late January, a mass of ice the size of Philadelphia fragmented from the Larsen-B embayment on the … Read more