Study finds only 38% of river basin in Chennai has poor groundwater potential

About 38% of the river basin near Chennai has poor groundwater potential, finds a study done by a team of the Geological Department of Anna University About 38% of the river basin near Chennai has poor groundwater potential, finds a study done by a team of the Geological Department of Anna University Nearly 38% of … Read more

New Research Finds Women in Science are Credited Less Than Men

Women who are part of research teams publishing scientific works in labs across the US are less likely to be credited for their contributions than their male counterparts, according to new research out of Northeastern University. Controlling for, among other things, role, research experience and time spent on a project, researchers found that women are … Read more

Canadian gold-miner finds 30,000 year-old mummified baby mammoth

A near-perfectly mummified, 30,000 year-old baby woolly mammoth has been unearthed from Canadian permafrost by a miner in the Klondike region’s gold fields. The stunningly preserved baby, which measured just 4.5 feet (1.4 meters) long and has much of its hair and skin intact, was described by officials as “the most complete mummified mammoth found … Read more

New Research Finds That Established Beliefs About Infant Crying Might Not Be True

A new study challenges what is thought to be the normal pattern of crying, the “cry curve” to which parents are presently often referred to. The study provides a new understanding of what constitutes normal and excessive crying among infants When will my baby stop crying so much? Study shows that the intensity and duration … Read more

Monkeypox Has Evolved at an ‘Accelerated’ And Unexpected Rate, Study Finds

The monkeypox virus has mutated at a far faster rate than would normally be expected and likely underwent a period of “accelerated evolution,” a new study suggests. The virus, which has infected more than 3,500 people in 48 countries since its detection outside Africa in May, may be more infectious due to dozens of new … Read more

Large Study Finds That Miscarriages or Stillbirths Can Increase The Risk of Stroke

New research shows women who have had a miscarriage or stillbirth, have an increased risk of stroke – when blood can not get to the brain, because of a blocked or burst artery. That risk increases with each miscarriage or stillbirth. Trying to establish this link is difficult because it requires following a large number … Read more

Can’t Complete This Balance Test? Study Finds It Predicts an Earlier Grave

The final decades of a human’s life are a litany of gradual mechanical failures. Strength wanes, fitness drops, and the brain can get a little foggy. Balance is among the first to slide, sending us wobbling some time in our mid-fifties. Given the fact that falls are a major cause of injury-based death around the … Read more

Triangle’s demand for life science jobs ranks 6th among top markets, report finds

Editor’s note: Each Wednesday, WRAL TechWire features a story highlighting the NC Bio Jobs Hub initiative. Go to the Bio Jobs Hub for more stories and info on life sciences job opportunities made possible by NC’s workforce training initiatives. This column originally ran in September 2021, and we are re-running it today. If you, like … Read more

Most male suicides in U.S. show no link to mental health issues, UCLA study finds

Credit: Public Domain CC0. Most American men who die by suicide do not have any known history of mental health problems, according to new research by UCLA professor Mark Kaplan and colleagues. “What striking about our study is the conspicuous absence of standard psychiatric markers of suicidality among a large number of males of all … Read more

“Ocean of Storms” – China’s Lunar Lander Finds Source of Water on Moon

Artist’s illustration of China’s Chang’e 5 moon sample-return spacecraft. Credit: CNSA / NASA China’s first lunar sample-return mission, Chang’e 5, is the fifth lunar exploration mission of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, launched on November 23, 2020. It landed on the moon on December 1, 2020, in the Northern Oceanus Procellarum near a huge volcanic … Read more