Extra-Ordinary Heat Wave | Open Mind

The heatwave which invaded England recently was no ordinary one. At numerous locations the temperature exceeded 40°C (104°F) which, as far as we know, has never happened before in the British Isles. England definitely isn’t prepared for such temperatures, as Melissa Harrison makes abundantly clear in the Washington Post; an airport closed when the runway … Read more

Did China’s FAST Telescope Just Discover Aliens? Here’s What You Need to Know

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”– Carl Sagan (Cosmos, 1980) This phrase is the standard that astronomers will be applying to a curious signal captured with China’s “Sky Eye” telescope that might be a transmission from alien technology. An article reporting the signal was posted on China’s website state-backed Science and Technology Daily newspaper, but was … Read more

Extraordinary Supernova Reveals Secrets to Astronomers – “A Sort of Time Machine”

This schematic shows the various ejecta and winds (red and purple) given off by the exploding star (left, yellow). The common-envelope disk (blue) surrounds both stars, the one exploding as a supernova and its binary partner (not shown). The boundary layer around the common-envelope disk is the source of the hydrogen the team detected. Credit: … Read more

Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Sent Extraordinary Amounts of Sulfur Into the Stratosphere

This picture illustrates a scene from northern Laurentia (North America) in the period a few weeks after the Chicxulub impact showing the onset of freezing weather and skies loaded with sulfur aerosols. The focus is on the last surviving dinosaurs – here a pair of T-Rex chicks, which somehow survived the initial impact phenomena, but … Read more

Extraordinary Microbes Living in Extremely Harsh Volcanic Lake Show How Life Might Have Existed on Mars

Extremely harsh Lake Laguna Caliente in the crater of Poas volcano, Costa Rica. Credit: Justin Wang The lake is dominated by bacteria of a single “extreme” genus. Several specialized microbes survive conditions analogous to those of MarsEarly History reports a new publication in Limits in astronomy and space science– and this can be thanks to … Read more

Extraordinary black hole found in neighboring galaxy – BIOENGINEER.ORG

Astronomers have discovered a black hole unlike any other. At 100,000 solar masses, it is smaller than the black holes we found in the centers of galaxies, but larger than the black holes that are born when stars explode. This makes it one of the only confirmed medium-mass black holes, an object that astronomers have … Read more