Environmental watchdogs petition DCNR to remove access fee on oil & gas well database

Environmental activists are calling on a state agency to eliminate access fees for a database containing detailed information about orphaned and abandoned oil and gas wells across the commonwealth that they believe Pennsylvania taxpayers should have access to free of charge. Oil & gas well watchdogs are asking the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural … Read more

VCU Rice Rivers Center provides environmental expertise to Pamunkey, Chickahominy Tribes to help protect their lands – VCU News

By Brian McNeill Now, the Rice Rivers Center is engaging with the federally recognized Chickahominy and Pamunkey Tribes at a new level, conducting two major projects in which it is dedicating the center’s resources and expertise in support of the Tribes’ work to protect and preserve their ancestral lands. “In both cases, they have these … Read more

Environmental stability on Earth allowed marine biodiversity to flourish — ScienceDaily

Modern ocean biodiversity, which is at its highest level ever, was achieved through long-term stability of the location of so-called biodiversity hotspots, regions of especially high numbers of species, scientists have found. The findings, published today in Naturewere reached through a pioneering model that reconstructs the diversity of marine animals from their origin — some … Read more

Environmental Studies Students Enjoy Their Time In The Field · News · Keene State College

Tate Fairbank ’24 would jump at a chance to go to the moon to research its geology and formation. But for now, environmental field research in other interesting places, like Alaska or Antarctica, or a fossil dig somewhere in the middle of nowhere will do. A recently completed internship could be a seminal step on … Read more

£47m to address critical environmental challe

Researchers will receive a total of £ 47 million to tackle some of the most significant environmental challenges facing the UK. The funding from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) has been awarded to NERC research centers that individually specialize in earth, ecological ocean, polar, and atmospheric science. Scientists from the centers will work collaboratively … Read more

Cruises are an environmental disaster

COVID-19 lockdowns are no longer preventing vacationers from traveling the globe this summer, which has caused a jump in travel among Americans and elsewhere. More interest in travel, however, means renewed excitement for cruises. Carnival Cruise Line and other top cruise ship companies have been breaking records for ticket sales this year. But a water-bound … Read more

The Supreme Court and Radical Environmental Deregulation

The Supreme Court and Radical Environmental Deregulation One of the first professional jobs I ever had was working at the US Environmental Protection Agency, and it was a great job in a terrific organization. I continued working as a consultant for the US EPA throughout the 1980s and 1990s, but I left the agency as … Read more

A Sign of SIDS Risk

Air Date: Week of June 24, 2022 stream / download this segment as an MP3 file An infant sleeping on its back, following the recommendations of the Safe to Sleep campaign to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. (Photo: Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), Flickr, CC … Read more

Environmental science student-researcher wins Regents’ award for notable accomplishments

As Nicole Choma wrapped up her third year at the University of Nevada, Reno this May, she was not only able to celebrate being one semester closer to completing her bachelor’s, but also her receiving the Sam Lieberman Regents’ Award for Student Scholarship — an award that honors students for their academic achievements, leadership ability, … Read more