Energy Security Bill factsheet: Licensing of Geological Disposal Facility beneath the seabed

Why are we legislating? A Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) is vital to the successful decommissioning of the UK’s civil nuclear legacy and our new build nuclear power program which will support the Government’s net zero ambitions and its Energy Security Strategy. There is interest from communities in locating a GDF off the coast deep below … Read more

Uranium Energy Corp Files SK-1300 Technical Report Summary Disclosing Resources for Its Yuty Project in Paraguay

Total Disclosed Indicated Resource for Yuty is 8,962,000 lbs with 9,074,000 tons grading 0.049% U3O8 Total Disclosed Inferred Resource for Yuty is 2,203,000 lbs with 2,733,000 tons grading 0.040% U3O8 CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas, July 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Uranium Energy Corp (NYSE American: UEC); (“UEC” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has … Read more

Beach Energy probes Limestone Coast potential amid ‘desperate need’ for local gas

An energy giant will assess future opportunities to explore gas in regional South Australia amid a “desperate” need for more local gas. Key points: Beach Energy to close headquarters and mothball gas plant on Limestone Coast with no activities in the pipeline Energy giant to use geological survey to target future gas reserves with more … Read more

The Largest Bacterium Has Been Found. It’s Eyelash-Length And Like Nothing We’ve Seen

A gigantic bacterium found in a mangrove swamp in the Caribbean is by far the largest ever found, and now scientists think they’ve figured out how it grew to such an enormous size. This species of bacteria, Magnificent thiomargarita, is 5,000 times larger than most bacteria, and 50 times larger than all other known giant … Read more

A Giant Sunspot Doubled in Size in 24 Hours, And It’s Pointing Right at Earth

A gigantic sunspot has swelled to twice Earth’s size, doubling its diameter in 24 hours, and it’s pointed right at us. The sunspot, called AR3038, grew to 2.5 times Earth’s size – making the sunspot roughly 19,800 miles, or 31,900 kilometers, in diameter – from Sunday (June 19) to Monday night (June 20), according to … Read more


TSX.V: DMEUS OTC: DMEHFFrankfurt: QM01 VANCOUVER, BC, June 1, 2022 / PRNewswire / – DESERT MOUNTAIN ENERGY CORP. (the “Company”) (TSXV: DME) (OTC: DMEHF) (Frankfurt: QM01) From the President of the Company The Company is pleased to announce that it has added Marta Hodan Wasko as VP of Geology. Marta is a petroleum geologist with … Read more

Even After Emissions Are Reduced, We’ll Still Have to Contend With ‘Committed Warming’

By now, few people question the reality that humans are altering Earth’s climate. The real question is: How quickly can we halt, even reverse, the damage? Part of the answer to this question lies in the concept of ‘committed warming,’ also known as ‘pipeline warming.’ It refers to future increases in global temperatures that will … Read more

Japan Is Dropping a Gargantuan Turbine Into The Ocean to Harness ‘Limitless’ Energy

Deep beneath the waves there’s a source of power quite unlike any other. To tap into it, Japanese engineers have constructed a true leviathan, a beast capable of withstanding the strongest of ocean currents to transform its flow into a virtually limitedless supply of electricity. Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries – now known simply as IHI Corporation … Read more

Department of Energy ready to use Frontier supercomputer to solve 24 science problems

Written by Dave Nyczepir Jun 6, 2022 | FEDSCOOP The Department of Energy is poised to use its Frontier supercomputer to tackle 24 initial science and engineering problems with its applications and software stack. The system, which is a keystone of the agency’s Exascale Computing Project, was late last month declared – albeit with some … Read more

It’s Entirely Possible For The US to Meet Its 2030 Climate Goals. Here’s How

This year in April, the Biden administration announced a renewed commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement. The goal is now to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. The target is ambitious, but it is not a pipe dream. According to a newly published analysis of existing climate models, it’s more than possible with … Read more