Midsummer up Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh: ‘The world is as it ever was, but everything has changed’ | Summer holidays

Midsummer on the summit of Arthur’s Seat is just like any other time of year: windy and busy. Come noon on Saturday, all the world is here, it seems, with the strongest representation from the US and Germany, according to my detailed inventory. (OK, eavesdropping.) Groups of young people in inappropriate footwear hold phones aloft, … Read more

In Edinburgh, an urn containing dust older than the sun provides an elegy to our disappearing world

The Scottish artist Katie Paterson is showing an urn filled with dust that reflects the story of the Earth at Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh (Requiem, until 11 June), creating what she has described as “her most political work to date”. The piece is also an “elegy to a disappearing world”, she adds in a statement. … Read more

Edinburgh Science Festival: Interactive public exhibition to shine a light on climate impacts of human consumption

Food, fashion, power and stuff are the themes of the exhibition, titled Consumed, which will be on show for two weeks next month as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival. The showcase’s aim is to highlight the environmental impact of what we eat, the way we travel, what we wear, and how we live and … Read more

Scientists Unearth The Ancient Bones of The Largest Jurassic Pterosaur Ever Found

During low tide on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, a graduate student hunting for dinosaur bones looked down at the coastal rocks and made the discovery of a lifetime: the remains of the largest pterosaur on record from the Jurassic period. Since collecting the specimen in 2017 – an eventful excavation that involved cutting out the … Read more