Could Earth Scientists Create Their Own Equivalent to the James Webb Space Telescope?

The primordial fires just after the Big Bang. The atmospheres of distant planets around another star. The towering pillars of interstellar dust glowing brightly in the vastness of space. That is what the new images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) have offered us. These new glimpses deep into space (and time) were important … Read more

When did the first fish live on Earth – and how do scientists figure out the timing?

Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, send it to How do you figure out how long ago fish were created? Hundreds of millions of years is a long time ago. – Josh, age 11, Ephrata, Pennsylvania The oldest fossils … Read more

Environmental stability on Earth allowed marine biodiversity to flourish — ScienceDaily

Modern ocean biodiversity, which is at its highest level ever, was achieved through long-term stability of the location of so-called biodiversity hotspots, regions of especially high numbers of species, scientists have found. The findings, published today in Naturewere reached through a pioneering model that reconstructs the diversity of marine animals from their origin — some … Read more

Rowan geology chair co-authors series of articles ahead of asteroid sample’s return to Earth | Rowan Today

The extraterrestrial payload of a NASA spacecraft is still about a year away from Earth but researchers, including Rowan University Geology Chair Dr. Harold Connolly Jr., are already publishing widely about the distant capture of materials from a moving asteroid. In 2020, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft rendezvoused with and performed a touch-and-go retrieval mission just above … Read more

Geologists allay fears over tremors, say Deccan Plateau is safe zone

A series of seismic activities in parts of Karnataka are not major ones, hence there was no need to worry because the Deccan Plateau is a safe zone, geologists have said. The tremors in Kodagu district and adjoining districts of Hassan, Shivamogga, Chikkamagaluru and Dakshina Kannada besides Vijayapura and neighboring regions … Read more

Life Helps Make Almost Half of All Minerals on Earth – Nautilus

Explore The impact of Earth’s geology on life is easy to see, with organisms adapting to environments as different as deserts, mountains, forests, and oceans. The full impact of life on geology, however, can be easy to miss. A comprehensive new survey of our planet’s minerals now corrects that omission. Among its findings is evidence … Read more

Chemical Engineering Researcher Leads Project on Arkansas’ Rare Earth Metals

staff photo Audie Key Thompson A team of researchers led by assistant professor Audie Key Thompson has received a research award to explore the development of efficient separation methods for rare earth metals in Arkansas. Rare earth elements are low in concentration in the rock formations where they are found. Separation methods … Read more

Earth Matters – Skygazing for Science

Participants taking cloud observations. Image credit: The GLOBE Program Clouds are an important part of the climate system. They affect how much sunlight reaches the ground and how much heat returns to space, which in turn affects Earth’s temperature and rainfall patterns. Scientists are working to better understand the role that clouds play in the … Read more